23.02.2021 “Most innovative German companies of 2021” - and Ewald Dörken AG is amongst them

Five stars in overall results and two points for patent relevance: Ewald Dörken AG, Herdecke, is very pleased with this assessment. The company was identified as an outstanding innovator in the “Most innovative German companies of 2021” analysis conducted by the business magazine “Capital” in collaboration with the data and analysis institute Statistica GmbH.

473 companies from 20 different sectors and industrial fields - from the automotive sector to finance and the communications and technology industry - were named the most innovative in the country. Ewald Dörken AG was classified in the category “manufacture and processing of construction materials” amongst companies with up to 1,000 employees. The study surveyed over 3,200 innovation experts, who were tasked with assessing the companies in their specific field. Central aspects of the survey were the innovation areas “Products & services“, “Process innovations” and “Company culture”.

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In addition to the overall findings, the study also included the average technological relevance of a patent portfolio (patent relevance for short) as a further indicator. This is based on how frequently the patents are quoted in other patents, adjusted for specific factors. This supplementary information of the internationally leading analysis company PatentSight is also available for Ewald Dörken AG, which was assessed as particularly relevant with two points thanks to its technologically relevant patent portfolio.

“We are delighted with this outstanding assessment - especially during the coronavirus pandemic,” says Dörken CEO Thorsten Koch. “This is the reward for the innovation culture that we consciously maintain and promote across all levels. It also motivates us further to utilise our commitment, boldness and confidence to continue to expand under the difficult conditions at this time.”

Further details of the analysis can be found at: www.capital.de/innovativste-unternehmen-2021.


Further information can be obtained from Thorsten Koch.

Thorsten Koch CEO T +49 2330 63 222
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Thorsten Koch