Damp-proof course DELTA®-SOFTFLEXX

Bitumen-resistant and very elastic EPDM wall barrier according to EN 14909 to be used as an L-barrier, for example in two-shell masonry or as a cross-section seal in timber frame construction.

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    DELTA®-SOFTFLEXX in der Anwendung
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    Anwendung von DELTA®-SOFTFLEXX als L-Sperre


  • Elasticity of up to 300 percent
    Thanks to its flexibility, the processing of DELTA®-SOFTFLEXX is very easy, particularly in the area of geometrically difficult situations such as corners and edges it helps very well. For the installation there is no need for any complex joining technology. Sheet cuts can be easily and permanently connected with the adhesive DELTA®-THAN. This saves you a lot of processing time!


DELTA®-SOFTFLEXX is attached to the masonry with DELTA®-THAN as an L-barrier. In addition, you must fix it with help of a mechanical fixation with washer head nails. It can also be attached to the rising masonry with the DELTA®-MWSP-CLIP.
Inside or outside corner, can easily be processed with the DELTA®-MAUERWERKSECKE or the DELTA®-FLEXX BAND FG 150.

Technical data

Material Ethylene propylene diene polymer (EPDM)
Colour Black
Surface Rough, slightly profiled
Thickness approx. 1,2 mm
Tear resistance (nail shaft) (EN 12310-1) Lengthways: approx. 200 N, Crosswise: approx. 230 N
Resistance to folding at low temperatures (EN 495-5) -20 °C no break, no cracks
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Fire class E
Resistance UV-stable, bitumen-resistant, ozone-resistant, root-resistant
Widths 24 / 30 / 36,5 / 50 / 60 / 75 / 100 cm
Roll length 20 m
Application type (DIN SPEC 20000-202) MSB-nQ
Water exposure class (DIN 18533) W4-E
Room usage class (DIN 18533) RN1-E to RN3-E
Crack class (DIN 18533) R1-E to R4-E




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