Seperation layer DELTA®-TRELA (PLUS)

Diffusion-open, structured separating layer for roofs and facades made of non-self-supporting metal coverings.

The ideal protection against moisture and corrosion.

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    Anwendung von DELTA®-TRELA PLUS
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    Anwendung von DELTA®-TRELA PLUS
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    Anwendung von DELTA®-TRELA PLUS
    smallRetina 03:00:09
    Anwendung von DELTA®-TRELA PLUS
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    Anwendung von DELTA®-TRELA PLUS


  • Reduction of crackling noises
    The crackling noises caused by rain and hail are reduced by up to 15 dB (tested by the test certificate issued by the Scientific and Technical Building Centre in Brussels, Belgium). As a consequence, the product DELTA®-TRELA (PLUS) contributes to the increase of the living comfort.
  • Separation layer, pre-covering, and drainage layer in one
    The 8 mm high tangled fibre nub mat of the track guarantees that the underside of the metal covering is separated from the substructure and moisture can be safely drained. The nub structure as a drainage layer reliably dissipates moisture by preventing corrosion (white rust formation). This ensures the longevity of the high-quality roofing.
  • Moisture can diffuse out
    The vapour-permeable carrier track (with an Sd value of approx. 0.02 m) ensures that residual moisture from the construction can safely dry out.
  • Tested fire protection
    DELTA®-TRELA (PLUS) is tested as a roofing with metal coverings made of titanium zinc which is resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat (AbP P-BWU03-I-16.3.243 MPA of the University of Stuttgart).
  • Low friction resistance
    Due to the high density of the knobbed structure, the shares can slide without any hindrances in case of thermal changes in length.


As a rule, DELTA®-TRELA (PLUS) is installed parallel to the eaves on adequate deck supports (timber formwork, wood-based panels, etc.). The nub structure always points upwards.

The fastening in the overlapping elements is carried out with the DELTA®-DICHTNAGEL (sealing nail).


Technical data

Material Highly diffusion-open carrier track on the basis of DELTA®-NEO VENT (3-layer pitched roof track made of tear-resistant, diffusion-open PP-spun bond-film combination) with laminated polypropylene random fibre mat equipped with a nub structure. As DELTA®-TRELA without an integrated self-adhesive border.
Reaction to fire Fire class E, EN 13501-1
Dimple height approx. 8 mm
Sd-value approx. 0,02 m
Deck width approx. 1,4 m
Weight approx. 380 g/m²
Roll weight approx. 17 kg
Roll size 30 m x 1,50 m




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