Wall barrier made of PVC-P according to the standard EN 14909. The wall barrier is particularly suitable for use as an L-barrier and under walls which are not subject to shear forces. As such, it protects the foot area of double-shell wall constructions from ascending humidity. It is not compatible with bitumen.

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    DELTA®-PVC Mauerwerkssperre Illustration


  • High flexibility
    The DELTA®-PVC MAUERWERKSSPERRE (Masonry barrier) is also highly flexible when installed across corners and adapts securely to the course of the wall. The wall barrier may also be used in the area of lintels and parapets in the double-walled masonry.
  • Rot resistant
    DELTA®-PVC MAUERWERKSSPERRE (Masonry barrier)  is resistant to the usual influences in masonry/soil. For this reason, it is permanently functional.


The DELTA®-PVC MAUERWERKSSPERRE (Masonry barrier) is applied as a cross-sectional seal under walls which are not pressure-loaded on both sides in the mortar bed. The minimum overlap between the strips is at least 20 cm (when gluing with DELTA®-THAN at least 5 cm).

Used as an L-barrier, the wall barrier is raised up to 30 cm above the top of the terrain (plan dimension) or > 15 cm above the top of the terrain (final state) on the inner shell and mechanically attached to the upper edge. There, the attachment is made with the permanently elastic cartridge adhesive  DELTA®-THAN.

Technical data

Material PVC-P film, cadmium-free, rot-resistant, not bitumen-resistant
Colour Dark grey
Thickness approx. 1,2 mm
Tear resistance (nail shaft) (EN 12310-1) >200 N
Elongation at break (EN 12310-1) >=250%
Surface weight approx. 1,6 kg/m²
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Class E (according to EN 13501-1, with deposit)
Widths 11,5 / 17,5 / 24 / 30 / 36,5 / 50 / 60 / 75 cm
Roll length 25 m
Application type (DIN SPEC 20000-202) MSB-nQ




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