Fassadenschutz mit DELTA®

Discover our expertise in the field of façade protection

The DELTA® façade membranes open up tailor-made solutions for all kind of facade constructions. Because the calling card of a house is its façade. When it comes to planning, not only the design-related but also the functionality-related aspects play their crucial role. In fact, after the roof, the façade is the component which is most exposed to weather, pollutants, pollution, and UV radiation.

No chance for wind and weather

For this reason, the effective protection of the façade structure is essential for its long-term functionality. This already applies to conventional facade designs with closed joints. In this context, the function of the insulation can also be impaired by wind, moisture or moisture migrating during the use of the room. Wooden frame or metal support constructions with open joints mean that the insulation layer positioned on their rear side is even more exposed to harmful external factors.

Since they are hidden or only partially visible behind the façade cladding, the façade membranes of DELTA® offer reliable protection against rain and drifting snow as well as against dirt and - in the case of a wooden substructure - against insect infestation.

To reliably fulfil the said protective function in the long term, the membranes must be waterproof and resist against driving rain and wind. However, at the same time, they must also be permeable and last but not least highly resistant to aging. These very different requirements represent a real challenge which may only be met with a great deal of expertise in the field of high-performance protective membranes.

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DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS orange hinter Lochblech
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DELTA®-MAXX PLUS in der Fassadenanwendung

DÖRKEN-Technology inside

The surface of the façade membranes of DELTA® consists of a highly tear-resistant polyester fleece equipped with a waterproof special coating which can quickly drain away the rainwater in a kind of lotus effect. However, the actual DNA can only be revealed by taking a deeper look at the manufacturing technology. In this context, the special BiCo technology sets standards which, thanks to two raw material components - one in the core and one in the jacket of the extremely thin fleece fibre - achieves a particularly homogeneous fleece structure achieving a high fibre density at the same time. The said density ensures an extreme strength and significantly higher UV protection.

Equipped with the intelligent DELTA®-AMS membrane technology and an SD value of approximately 0.02 m, the membrane offers protection to the insulation layer against moisture coming from the outside. However, at the same time, it guarantees an optimal level of vapour permeability for the room moisture penetrating the construction from the inside. And of course, the material is flame-retardant in accordance with the fire class B-s1, d0 and temperature-resistant in the range between -40°C and + 120°C.

Intelligent technologies developed and “made in Germany”, being much more than just a façade.

Façade protection - also in colour

However, for all long-term functionality, façades should obviously also offer something for the eye. That is the exact reason why the facade membranes by DELTA® are also available in colour. By means of DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS you will be able to set fascinating colour accents creating a special depth effect in open façade designs - with seven standard colours and even in many special colours upon request. A variety of designs we should absolutely discover.

The coloured topcoat of the façade membrane is - even with critical intensive colours - highly UV and aging resistant. Even sophisticated coloured façade designs will not fade after years by retaining their liveliness and brilliance.

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DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS hinter einer Lochblech-Fassade
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Expertise meets Synergieeffekt

The said colour stability, is ensured by DÖRKEN Coatings thanks to its know-how in the field of tinting systems. This applies for example when it comes to building paints and plasters. Of course, it is based on the expertise of DÖRKEN Coatings in the field of development and manufacture of high-performance façade coating systems. Since when it comes to façade protection, the subject of façade paint must of course not be missing.

Discover our façade coating systems: as effective protection against wind and weather, against pollution and aggressive air pollutants, and against green deposits from algae and fungi. Discover expertise!