Roofing membrane DELTA-XX PLUS® LIGHT

Our light and long-lasting roofing membrane offers secure protection for roofs. It is breathable, the solution for ventilated and unventilated roofs without formwork. Our most reasonably priced membrane, it is also suitable for modest budgets and is nonetheless enduringly capable.

New from 01/01/2023

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  • Impressive longevity
    DELTA-XX PLUS® LIGHT remains functional even after years of use, as it is characterised by its great longevity. A characteristic also attested to by a corresponding ETA. This means that it offers enduring dependability and a reliably protected roof. 
  • With 30-year warranty
    Thanks to decades of experience in the manufacture of high-performance pitched roof membranes, we grant a 30-year warranty on our DELTA-XX PLUS® LIGHT. This means that you have long-term peace of mind, as we not only replace the material, but also bear the costs of removal and installation. The warranty procedure is also fast and simple.
    Click here for the warranty statement.
  • Integrated self-adhesive strips
    The integrated self-adhesive strips ensure that overlaps can be glued directly. They also prevent the penetration of moisture and cold air to the insulation, thereby ensuring best protection.
  • Extremely flexible
    DELTA-XX PLUS® LIGHT impresses with good malleability, meaning the membrane can also be applied conveniently for difficult details. The flexible material ensures greater security in the event of unintentional contact with the toe cap (ladder) and tools.
  • Prevents reflected glare
    The matt surface of DELTA-XX PLUS® LIGHT reduces troublesome glare. That makes work considerably more pleasant.


The new DELTA-XX PLUS® family


DELTA-XX PLUS® LIGHT is not only suitable for ventilated and unventilated roofs without formwork, but also as façade membrane behind ventilated cladding with closed joints. In addition, it can also be used as temporary roofing.

Technical data

Material Multi-layer roofing membrane from tear-resistant, breathable combination of PP spun-bonded fabrics and PU functional layer. With integrated self-adhesive strips.
Reaction to fire E (EN 13501-1)
Fire index no. 5.2 (VKF)
Tensile strength approx. 240/190 N/5 cm (EN 12311-1)
Watertightness Class W1 (EN 1928)
Sd-value approx. 0,08 m (EN ISO 12572)
Servicetemperature range -40°C to +80°C
Short-term maximum temperature resistance of material (< 8h / day) approx. +100°C
UV-related outdoor weathering duration 8 weeks
Temporary roofing function 4 weeks
Resistance against driving rain passed (Driving rain test for lining and underlay sheeting – TU Berlin)
Enhanced ageing resistance requirements passed (ZVDH product data sheet, Table 1)
Weight approx. 120 g/m²
Roll weight approx. 9 kg
Dimensions 50 m x 1,50 m
CE conformity EAD 030218-01-0402 / EN 13859-2




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