Drainage system DELTA®-TERRAXX

Universal protection and drainage system for green areas that can be walked on or driven on and for vertical applications with installation depths of up to 10 m.

Like all DELTA®-TERRAXX types, the material combination of pressure-resistant dimpled sheet and laminated, filter-stable geotextile serves as a drainage layer and effectively protects pressure-resistant substrates from mechanical influences. The strips have an integrated self-adhesive edge and a tested long-term durability of 100 years.

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    DELTA®-TERRAXX in horizontaler Anwendung
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    DELTA®-TERRAXX in horizontaler Anwendung
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    DELTA®-TERRAXX in vertikaler Anwendung
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    DELTA®-TERRAXX in horizontaler Anwendung
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    DELTA®-TERRAXX in vertikaler Anwendung
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    DELTA®-TERRAXX in der Anwendung unter befahrbaren Flächen
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    DELTA®-TERRAXX for areas accessible by car
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    DELTA®-TERRAXX in areas with extensive or intensive greening
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    DELTA®-TERRAXX for walkable areas
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    DELTA®-TERRAXX for terraces with slab or wooden coverings
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    DELTA®-TERRAXX in vertical application up to 10 m installation depth
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    Trittschallverbesserung mit DELTA®-TERRAXX


  • Universal protection and drainage membrane for vertical and horizontal applications
    As a water-bearing layer, DELTA®-TERRAXX protects against backwaters, strata and seepage water. The optimal solution for maximum security. Your advantage: only one product for many different fields of applications!
  • Significantly higher water drainage capacity than a mineral drainage layer
    The special knob structure of DELTA®-TERRAXX ensures an ideal water drainage and permanently protects pavements and slab coverings from frost damage. The dimpled membrane forms a 10 mm high drainage layer, which is way more efficient than a 20 to 30 cm thick mineral seepage layer.
  • 100 years of tested long-term resistance
    As a product with tested long-term resistance of up to 100 years, DELTA®-TERRAXX is free of recycling material in accordance with DIN EN 13252 and has passed extensive tests for aging resistance by independent and accredited test institutes. In this way, with DELTA®-TERRAXX you can benefit from the permanent and sustainable protection of the whole building shell.
  • Ideal dimpled sheet
    Due to its optimal ratio of knob structure and weight per unit area, the dimpled sheet with a height of 10 mm, offers the ideal combination of compressive strength, drainage performance and handling. The DELTA®-TERRAXX ensures a drainage capacity of 2.51 l/s·m even at a installation depth of 10 m.
  • Quick on big surfaces and still simple in the detail
    Thanks to the roll-format of 12.5x2.40 m, 30 m² can be laid very quickly and in one step. DELTA-TERRAXX can easily be cut to size with a simple cutter knife for detailed works. The handling is also easier than handling a rubber mat/roll.
  • Impact sound reduction of up to 32 dB
    At impact sound tests based on DIN EN ISO 10140, DELTA®-TERRAXX was applied between the waterproofing and the covering or gravel bed. The Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences confirms an impact sound reduction of up to 32 dB. An impact sound reduced by only 10 dB for the human ear feels like a airborne sound reduced by 50%.
  • Integrated self-adhesive edge
    The smooth overlap edge with integrated adhesive zone enables the strips to be easily connected to one another. This prevents backfill material from trickling in, so that the seal is additionally protected. The positional stability of the individual webs is also improved.
  • Even load distribution
    The contact area between DELTA-TERRAXX and the surface is approx. 80%. So, the seal is optimally protected from punctiform loads from the filling material.
  • No silting up of the knob structure
    Thanks to its special structure and its characteristic opening width of 140 μm, the laminated geotextile is extremely filter-stable and prevents the dimpled sheet from silting up.
  • Conformity to standards
    DELTA®-TERRAXX is certified/CE-marked according to EN 13252 and meets the requirements of DIN 4095, DIN 18531 and DIN 18533.


The universal protection and drainage sheet can be used:

  • for flat roofs with heavy surface protection made of gravel,
  • under extensively and intensively green areas,
  • under walkable surfaces with and without base or leveling course,
  • under surfaces that can be driven on by cars,
  • in vertical applications with installation depths of up to 10 m and
  • as reliable methane gas and radon drainage.

The DELTA®-TERRAXX strips are available in a width of 75 cm for paths, bases, retaining walls and connections.


Technical data

Material of the dimpled sheet High density polyethylene (PE-HD)
Material of the geotextile Polypropylene
Height of dimples approx. 10 mm
Air gap approx. 7,9 l/m²
Servicetemperature range from -30 °C to + 80 °C
Application in drainage systems for drainage (D) and filters (F) as a protective layer of the seal according to the standards DIN 18531 and 18533
Compressive strenght approx. 400 kN/m² (EN ISO 25619-2)
Tensile strength MD 15,7 kN/m, CMD 14,9 kN/m (EN ISO 10319)
Dynamic perforation resistance 35 mm (EN ISO 13433)
Characteristic opening size 140 μm (EN ISO 12956)
Water permeability 0,07 m/s (EN ISO 11058)
Water flow capacity in the plane 3,17 l/m · s bei 20 kPa (Gradient i = 1,0) (EN ISO 12958)
0,32 l/m · s bei 20 kPA (Gradient i=0,02)
0,42 l/m · s bei 20 kPA (Gradient i=0,03)
0,84 l/m · s bei 20 kPA (Gradient i=0,1)
Resistance to weathering To be covered within two weeks after installation (EN 12224)
Dimensions 12,5 m x 2,40 m, 12,5 m x 0,75 m
Long-term resistance 100 years, according to EN 13438




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