Drainage membrane DELTA®-EQ DRAIN

Particularly economical and efficient foundation wall protection and drainage membrane with high compressive strength and excellent drainage performance.

Made as a protective and drainage layer for all cellar walls with pressure-resistant seals and for use on perimeter insulation.

Meeting the requirements of DIN 4095, DIN 18533 and CE-certified according to EN 13252.

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    DELTA®-EQ DRAIN in der Anwendung
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    DELTA®-EQ DRAIN Illustration


  • Optimized economy for vertical applications
    DELTA®-EQ DRAIN offers an optimal knob structure for high water loads and a compressive strength that enables installation depths of up to 7 m. This makes it suitable for the almost all vertical applications.
  • High drainage capacity
    With a drainage capacity of 2.9 l/m.s. DELTA®-EQ DRAIN tops the requirements of the drainage standard DIN 4095 many times (drainage capacity min. 0.3 l/m. s at i=1.0) and thus ensures the safe and rapid drainage of seepage and stratified water. So, DELTA®-EQ DRAIN contributes to the reliable moisture protection of a building.
  • No silting up of the nub structure
    With its special structure and its characteristic opening width of 110 μm, the laminated geotextile is extremely filter-stable and permanently prevents the dimpled sheet from becoming silted up.
  • Even load distribution
    The contact area between DELTA®-EQ DRAIN and the surface is approx. 80%. So, the seal is optimally protected from punctiform loads from the filling material.
  • Smooth overlapping edge
    The one-sided, approx. 10 cm wide, smooth edge, in connection with the just as far protruding filter-stable geotextile, makes it very easy to professionally overlap the drainage membranes.
  • Conformity to standards and guidelines
    DELTA®-EQ DRAIN is certified/CE-marked according to EN 13252 and meets the requirements of DIN 4095 and DIN 18533.


DELTA®-EQ DRAIN is used as a vertical surface drainage on pressure-stable surfaces. It can be applied either vertically or horizontally to the top of the ground. The filter-stable geotextile always faces the ground. The membrane track can either be fixed temporary above the surface sealing or in case of perimeter insulation with the DELTA fastening screw.

Technical data

Material Dimpled sheet made of high-density polyethylene (PE-HD) with laminated geotextile made of polypropylene dimple height
Dimple height approx. 9 mm
Compressive strenght approx. 250 kN/m² (EN ISO 25619-2)
Air gap approx. 7,9 l/m²
Servicetemperature range from -30 °C to + 80 °C
Tensile strength MD 12,6 kN/m, CMD 12,6 kN/m (EN ISO 10319)
Dynamic perforation resistance 38 mm (EN ISO 13433)
Characteristic opening size 110 μm (EN ISO 12956)
Water permeability 0,105 m/s (EN ISO 11058)
Water drainage capacity 2,9 l/m · s bei 20 kPa (Gradient i = 1,0) (EN ISO 12958)
Weather resistance To be covered within a term of two weeks from the date of installation (EN 12224)
Dimensions 12,5 x 1,00 m without smooth edge, 12,5 x 2,00 m, 12,5 x 2,40 m, 12,5 x 2,50 m




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