The surface is covered with DELTA® Holzfarbe plus 7.05 in the color required.

Brightening technique thanks to the new coloured wood varnish

Wooden construction elements both in the interior and the exterior are absolutely trend-setting. Unfortunately, in the course of time they become darker due to various reasons and because they are treated with pigmented protective coatings. In particular, the appearance of architechtonically interesting buildings can then quickly change from well-looked-after to run down.

The coloured wood varnish with the special DELTA® brihtening technique restores the original colour and the original surface structure of wooden construction elements in both the interior and the exterior. Taking as an example weathered wooden facades it can be shown that it is possible to brighten the surfaces by simply using the coloured wood varnish DELTA® Allround Lasur.

The working steps

1.  Surface check:

  • visual inspection
  • solvent test
  • cross cut adhesion test or scratch test for adhesion valuation

2. Preparation of the surface

  • sand surface with appropriate tools
  • slightly round outer edges 
  • remove sanding dust and residuals of old paint

3. Colour selection: 
Depending on the intensity of the finishing coat desired three different basic colours are available as intermediate coatings. The selected colour of the wood varnish determines the further colouring and the overall result.

The light toned product is the appropriate basis for light toned wood varnishes, the more intensively toned, reddish product is the basis for all darker toned wood varnishes. If a classy, evenly greyish surface is desired the grey toned wood varnish can be used as the intermediate coating. As both the intermediate and the finishing coating can be coloured using the colour mix system it is possible to choose also trendy colours. That implies that the user has the choice between countless coloured wood varnishes.

4. Covering priming and intermediate coating:As the next step the covering wood paint DELTA® Holzfarbe plus 7.05 has to be applied using a roller and a brush. On large surfaces the product can be applied particularly cost-effective by using the airless spray procedure. Depending on the absorbency of the wood and the degree of dark discoloration of the facade one has to take into consideration that it might be necessary to apply up to two layers. Let the priming coat dry overnight.

5. Transparent finishing coat:In this special case the customer chose a classy greyed finishing coating. The surface was painted with the UV resistant coloured wood varnish DELTA® Allround-Lasur in the perfectly coordinated Greywood shade.

The professional combination of coatings to brighten strongly weathered wood and darker woods.

The „before and after“ comparison clearly shows that using the coordinated system of a pure acrylate dispersion and a coloured wood varnish even very darkly discoloured facades can shine in new splendor. Consequently it is not necessary to completely sand the wood which means that the system is a rewarding economical perspective for renovation.