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There are values in life that deserve special protection. Many of these are concealed to the casual observer and only noticeable when they are lacking. At DÖRKEN we have been protecting those things for over 125 years: from the smallest component to entire buildings. Immerse yourself in our world: Discover Expertise!

Business areas Our strong companies

DÖRKEN Coatings and DÖRKEN Membranes are wholly owned subsidiaries of DÖRKEN. The companies are successfully positioned within their markets and innovative leaders in their sectors.

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DÖRKEN Membranes

Die DÖRKEN Membranes bieten zuverlässige Systemlösungen für Wind- und Feuchtigkeitsschutz, Bauwerksabdichtung und -schutz sowie Flachdachentwässerung. Die höchst innovativen Funktionsschichten sind für den Schutz rund ums Haus im Einsatz - oder als individuelle Lösung für die Industrie.
Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern gestalten wir die Zukunft einzelner Gebäude bis hin zu urbaner Architektur.

DÖRKEN Coatings

DÖRKEN Coatings are specialists for high-quality surface protection and offer solutions for a wide range of application areas, such as high-performance corrosion protection or premium coatings with dispersions and lacquers on components, façades and interior walls. Finally, at DÖRKEN Coatings we are a reliable and qualified contact for issues regarding pigment pastes and colour systems.

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DÖRKEN ThermoForming

New to the DÖRKEN Family: the Competence Center for molded plastic parts. DÖRKEN ThermoForming in established in growing segments. The thermoformed products are used as sheets and rolls in a wide variety of construction applications, but also as packaging or as components in automotive manufacturing.

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IT und Organisation

DÖRKEN Services

Behind the two business areas stands a third strong unit:
DÖRKEN Services, with the central areas of HR, Purchasing Management, Finance / Controlling, Investor Relations, IT/O (IT & Organisation), Building Management, HSE (Health/Safety/Environment).

Facts and figures DÖRKEN at a glance

DÖRKEN at a glace

Company management CEO and supervisory board

Our business areas are supported and maintained by a secure structure and management. Under this stable roof there is ample room for tradition and innovation.

DÖRKEN Vorstand und Aufsichtsrat
DÖRKEN Executive Board and Supervisory Board First row, left: Management Board Thorsten Koch (since 2016), Supervisory Board Karl Ewald Dörken (since 2016) - Ute Herminghaus (since 2016) - Second row, left: Dr. Herbert Müller (since 2004, Chairman) - Thomas Kaiser (since 1999) - Werner Borgers (since 2020) - Dr. Mark Hiller (since 2023)

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