Façade membranes for façades with open joints

Timber or metal cladding is often installed with open joints for design reasons, with the aim of making a façade look more structured and less of a large surface. However, this results in the insulation layer behind being exposed to increased stress in the form of grime and above all moisture, which can have an ongoing impact on its function. DELTA® façade membrane offers reliable protection of thermal insulation for all ventilated façades with open joints with a width of up to 50 mm and a joint ratio of 50%.
DELTA® membranes with “PLUS” also feature integrated adhesive zones in the overlaps. This means that the façade insulation is reliably protected against moisture and wind-proof at the same time.

High performance material combination and construction site-friendly application

The façade membranes comprises a highly tear resistant polyester non-woven fabric as well as a long-lasting UV-resistant coating, and has an Sd value of < 0.02 m. This serves to secure the insulation layer against moisture.

The façade membranes are also characterised by good processing properties. The material is sufficiently board-like to enable swift unrolling on the façade. Its flexibility and high tear resistance also permit high levels of mechanical stress - a key benefit for problem-free vertical installation.

Reliable façade protection - also available in seven standard colours!

Façade membranes not only offering high-performance protection for the construction behind it, but it can also significantly enhance the appearance of a façade. The coloured, UV-resistant DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS façade membrane opens up new creative options for ventilated façades made from timber, metal, glass and plastic. The sheeting lends an interesting three dimensionality and depth to timber façade constructions with open joints or breaks up the cool aesthetic of façade elements in expanded metal, perforated sheet or slats.

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DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS weiß in der Anwendung
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DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS rot in der Anwendung hinter Lochblech