Dimpled sheets

Components getting in touch with the ground, such as exterior basement walls and similar structures integrated into the ground must be sealed in compliance with the standard DIN 18533. To maintain its functionality in the long term the seal must be effectively protected against mechanical, thermal, and chemical effects in the ground. On pressure-resistant surfaces such as for example, waterproof concrete, the simple dimpled sheets can be used if there is no need for a surface drainage.

Dimpled sheets as pure protection for the foundation wall

Simple dimpled sheets do not have any other functional layers. This is why they are used only as protection against filling and, if needed, as a separating layer placed between the structure and the moist soil. The said pure foundation wall protection sheets will be laid with the knobbed side facing the building. So, they act optimally as a "crumple zone" that for example buffers the backfill material that patters against the component during the filling of the excavation.

Dimpled sheets used as a sub-base course

The dimpled sheets can also be used as a sub-base course. In this case, they are placed under the reinforced base plates by replacing lean concrete. This permits the saving of additional excavation, high processing, and additional equipment costs and of lots of waiting time.