Construction paints and varnishes Waterbased CWS WERTLACK® 2K-DURATOP SATIN

For high-quality finishing coating of wood, derived timber products, mineral substrates, metals, non-ferrous metals, rigid plastics, plastic windows, substrates subjected to high mechanical and chemical loads, such as those in public buildings, sales areas, hospitals, nursery schools, refrigerated warehouses, storage areas, hotel and catering premises, private bathrooms (not areas subjected to continuous wet conditions), etc.

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    CWS WERTLACK® 2K-DuraTop Satin


  • environmentally friendly
  • low odour
  • almost odourless
  • good substrate adhesion
  • lead-free, chrome-free according to DIN 55944
  • excellent flow
  • very hard-wearing
  • improved abrasion resistance
  • very good chemical resistance (see
  • can be decontaminated (use in medical areas such as operating theatres)

Technical data

Product code PU50
Consumption 140 ml/m²
Colour tones white
Packaging Sizes 2K 0.90 L Basecoat + 0.10 L Hardener / 2.25 L Basecoat + 0.25 L Hardener



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