Foundation wall protection accessories DELTA®-HAFTNAGEL (ADHESIVE NAIL)

Special fastening elements for dimpled sheets with self-adhesive, square base plate for secure and penetration-free bonding on pressure-resistant substrates.

Serves as an assembly aid for the fastening, for example, of overlaps between DELTA® dimpled sheets or at connections such as light wells etc.

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  • The safe prolongation of the foundation wall protection and drainage membranes
    DELTA®-HAFTNAGEL (Adhesive nail) for example connects the overlapping of the sheets positioned at the head buttocks by securing the situation so that they cannot slip until the final backfill.
  • High-quality butyl rubber adhesive
    It guarantees the secure adhesion to many surfaces.


The DELTA®-HAFTNAGEL (Adhesive nail) is used to fix the overlapping of the sheets with one another, if for example a dimpled sheet is to be integrated in length. For this purpose, the DELTA® adhesive nail is glued to the pressure-resistant surface and the dimpled sheets are skewered one after the other. The grooved structure of the adhesive nail guarantees a secure hold.

Furthermore, the DELTA®-HAFTNAGEL (Adhesive nail) is also used to fix the dimpled sheet to connections such as for example light shafts.

Technical data

Material Polyamide, adhesive backing made of butyl rubber
Required quantity approx. 3 pieces/m of overlapping
Packaging 100 pieces/box


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