Tarpaulins and covers

Whether gardening or play equipment is to be overwintered outdoors, the uncovered roof space must be protected from the weather-related effects or complex building projects are to be secured with a scaffolding tarpaulin: The perfect tarpaulin or cover ensures the protection as well as the value retention you need - and that in the long term as well. In fact, our resilient tarpaulin such as the one made of environmentally friendly polyethylene are highly temperature and UV resistant. So, it is possible to use them over and over again for many years.

We offer a wide range of mesh and tape-reinforced tarpaulins and foils for almost every purpose. Depending on the load, variants with different tear strength are at disposal: from the light protection against dust and weather influences to the robust DELTA®-PLAN 2000 which can withstand even the highest pressure and tensile loads.