Horizontal cross-section waterproofing in accordance with DIN 18533, permanently resistant and highly flexible.

Due to the profiled surfaces, DELTA®-MAUERKSSPERRE achieves a high shear strength in the masonry (application type MSB-Q) by "clawing" into the masonry mortar.

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    DELTA®-MAUERWERKSSPERRE in der Anwendung


  • High flexibility
    Even at low temperatures, the DELTA®-MAUERKSSPERRE remains very flexible: no risk of cold fractures, no tearing!
  • General building inspectorate test certificate
    The suitability of DELTA®-MAUERKSSPERRE as a horizontal cross-section seal is confirmed in AbP P-AB/13525/15-2013. Despite a material thickness of only approx. 0.4 mm, DELTA®-MAUERWERKSSPERRE meets the requirements for wall barriers according to DIN 18533-1! The track is light and flexible. In short: Easy to work with!
  • The lattice embossing on the top and bottom enables optimal "clawing" with the mortar and thus increases the shear strength in the masonry. DELTA®-MAUERWERKSSPERRE thus meets the requirements for damp-proof course of application type MSB-Q in accordance with DIN 18533 and can therefore be used in (cellar) exterior walls that are subjected to shear forces.
  • Rot proof
    DELTA®-MAUERWERKSSPERRE is resistant to the usual influences in the masonry/soil and is correspondingly permanently functional.
  • Easy to process
    Unroll DELTA®-MAUERWERKSSPERRE on the fresh mortar bed, align - and loosen the brickwork.




DELTA®-MAUERWERKSSPERRE serves as a cross-section waterproofing in masonry in contact with the ground in accordance with DIN 18533, water exposure class W4-E.
It is laid in one layer. The contact surfaces are to be leveled with masonry mortar thick enough to create a horizontal surface without unevenness. DELTA®-MAUERWERKSSPERRE is rolled into the fresh mortar. The membranes overlap by at least 20 cm (if the membrane overlaps are glued with DELTA®-THAN 5 cm is sufficient).
The width of the strip should be selected so that no moisture bridges can form on either side of the bricked-up wall. In order to enable the waterproofing of a building to be professionally connected to the damp-proof course on the inside or outside, the damp-proof course should protrude at least 5 cm over the masonry.

Technical data

Material Polyolefin
Colour black
Surface rutschhemmend profiliert an Ober- und Unterseite
Thickness approx. 0,4 mm
Tear resistance (nail shaft) (EN 12310-1) Lengthways: approx. 130 N, Crosswise: ca. 160 N
Resistance to folding at low temperatures (EN 495-5) -40 °C, kein Bruch, keine Risse
Watertightness (EN 1928, Procedure B) bestanden (400 kPa/72 h)
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Brandklasse E
Resistance bitumenbeständig
Widths 11,5/12,5/15/17,5/20/24/25/30/36,5/42/50/60/100 cm
Roll length 25 m
Application type (DIN SPEC 20000-202) MSB-Q
Water exposure class (DIN 18533) W4-E
Room usage class (DIN 18533) RN1-E to RN3-E
Crack class (DIN 18533) R1-E to R4-E




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