17.05.2021 Dörken starts Corona-vaccination

As a model project, the company was allocated around 200 Biontech vaccine doses.

In close cooperation with the city of Herdecke and the Ennepe-Ruhr district, Ewald Dörken has been given the opportunity to vaccinate its employees on location as one of the first pilot projects in Germany. The company was allocated around 200 Biontech vaccine doses by the public health department, which were vaccinated from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, May 14. A drive-in vaccination line was set up for this purpose in the north parking lot above the works grounds on Wetterstrasse in Herdecke. Two doctors and three healthcare professionals were on site for the vaccination campaign. On allocating the vaccination appointments, special consideration was given to employees with corresponding pre-existing conditions.

A long battle enters its crucial phase.

In order to prevent infections from entering the company as far as possible, Dörken has been implementing safety measures since the beginning of March 2020, some of which are significantly higher than those required by law. Home office was implemented from the very beginning for e.g. Since January 2021 - and thus before the official home office requirement - around 75 percent of employees have been working from home. The company was also a pioneer in rapid testing. As of early January 2021, self-tests were sent out to all employees and their families for private use. Since the beginning of April, employees have been offered a rapid test twice a week by medical professionals free of charge.

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It was therefore only a logical consequence to also offer employees and their families a vaccination as soon as possible. The company staff has been working on this for months, but until now the vaccine was missing. "We are very pleased that we are now initiating this pilot project in cooperation with the city of Herdecke and the district," says a delighted Dörken board member Thorsten Koch. "This way, we can finally also actively do something against the pandemic and contribute to increasing the vaccination rate."

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The campaign is supposed to make circles

The vaccination campaign will be continued in the coming weeks as soon as the company receives more vaccine doses. Once all employees, their spouses and children over the age of 16 have been vaccinated, Dörken would also like to support other companies. "We are happy to make our expertise and infrastructure available to companies in Herdecke for their vaccinations," explains Thorsten Koch, adding: "Because we can only defeat the pandemic more quickly if we act in a socially responsible way. WE.YOU.HERE - this motto of our May 2020 initiative to support the local economy also applies in this case."

Stefan Ganzke Head of HSE - Health, Safety & Environment sganzke@doerken.de, T +49 2330 63 130 M +49 1573 3363130
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