11.08.2020 Reorganisation at DÖRKEN

DÖRKEN has restructured itself. As of 1st of August 2020 there are two major operational units. Therefore Dörken MKS-Systeme, CD-Color and Protec Systempasten are merging into one company under the name Dörken Coatings GmbH & Co. KG. The individual product brands from the paint, coating and paste areas remain preserved. Dörken GmbH & Co. KG will continue to operate under this name. Its pitched roof and facade sheetings, foundation wall protection and drainage systems will however be distributed under the name “DÖRKEN Membranes” in future. The new “DÖRKEN” umbrella brand therefore covers the entire corporate group. “We are all DÖRKEN. With the new brand architecture, the uniform design and the strong joint claim ‘Discover Expertise’, we can now present this unity clearly and invitingly to the outside world”, says Dörken CEO Thorsten Koch. “That’s how what belongs together grows together.”

Discover Expertise - an invitation to explore

“We are proud to have a high level of expertise in our ranks. With the new motto we invite everyone to discover this expertise in all of our products, services and across all communications channels, whether they are digital or classic”, says Thorsten Koch. The company is hereby offering customers, partners and employees new insights and identification potential by revealing more of its DNA. 

Consequently, the appearance is also being modernised. This is reflected in the corporate identity and in logo adaptations. A first impression of the new design is offered on the new home page of the company www.doerken.com, which went online at the beginning of August.

However, the invitation to discover is not limited to new websites, flyers or brochures. A further example is the newly-developed tiny house, which demonstrates the individual areas of competence and expertise in the field of physical membranes as well as chemical coating solutions and their interactions. “This also renders our “DÖRKEN protects value” claim truly visible and tangible for the first time”, says Thorsten Koch. 

The newly-developed tiny house, which demonstrates the individual areas of competence and expertise in the field of physical membranes as well as chemical coating solutions and their interactions.
Further information at www.doerken.de/tinyhouse, accessible via smartphone and tablet.

Photo/graphic: DÖRKEN

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DÖRKEN Tiny House

Fit for the future together

The new structure, the new branding and the strong positioning of the umbrella brand also create new opportunities for the range of products and services. Dr. Martin Welp and Dr. Gerhard Reusmann, the managing directors of the new DÖRKEN Coatings, are therefore looking forward to continuously improving the performance and service quality in the field of coatings as a strong team. “The new corporate law structure allows us to bundle our energy to help forming the future of our sector. It is now even easier for us to position our different areas of expertise on the market profitably and to provide these to our partners in the best possible form”, says Dr. Martin Welp. Ingo Quent, managing director of Dörken GmbH & Co. KG, also sees new potential for “DÖRKEN Membranes”: “In the area of building envelopes we can expand our range enormously beyond our key business - protection against condensation or external influences. This comprehensive range will now be visible to everyone under the DÖRKEN umbrella brand.”

New design elements
Nel nuovo logo la “D” è maggiormente evidenziata, formando l'elemento visivo più importante accanto al marchio denominativo “Dörken”. Questo elemento non rimarrà statico. Cambia in base all'area aziendale e al tipo di utilizzo. Ad esempio, come illustrato qui, può essere riempito con un foglio con fossette o con un secchio di vernice. O con una persona, quando si tratta di soggetti HR. La “D” funge da lente d'ingrandimento, consentendo uno sguardo all'interno dell'azienda. Un invito ad esplorare!

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