DELTA®-MS 20 im Tunnelgewölbe

Tunnel Application

Its high drainage capacity enables DELTA-MS 20 to meet all requirements for occurring water problems on tunnel construction projects.


DELTA®-MS 20 is a rational and reliable solution for coping with the influx of water in tunnel projects of any kind. Installed with its dimples facing outward, i.e. towards either the rock substrate or a shotcrete layer applied for stabilisation and filtration purposes, the air gap between the dimples will form a continuous system of channels. This air gap will convey any water coming from the ground towards the drainage system without impeding its flow. The inner waterproofing layer of the system, which may be attached directly to the dimpled sheet by any of a number of methods, is never impacted by water pressure. DELTA®-MS may serve as permanent shuttering in structures made of waterproof concrete, keeping away any seepage water while the material sets.


In tunnels and underground buildings, DELTA®-MS 20 is installed between the outer and the inner shell of the future building. The inner shell will normally consist of concrete that is cast in place, so that the concrete fills the dimples of the sheet as it is being poured.

Technical data


Studded membrane made of special, high-density polyethylene.

Dimple height

approx. 20 mm

Pressure resistance

approx. 150 kN/m²

Air gap

approx. 14 l/m²

Servicetemperature range

-30 °C to +80 °C

Environmental characteristics

Non-polluting for drinking water;
resistant to bacterial, alkaline, and chemical attack;
resistant to root penetration.

Roll size

20 m x 2 m
(if required for specific buildings can also be supplied as panels)

Drainage capacity

10 x 10-3 m²/s (10 l/s · m)


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Tunnel Application

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