DELTA®-MS 20 im Tunnelboden

Underground Application

Its high drainage capacity enables DELTA-MS 20 to meet all requirements for occurring water problems in constructions of underground buildings.


  • DELTA-MS 20 is a general-purpose see page layer for long-term safety.
  • Dimpled sheet ensures reliable drainage of water from double-shell structures in building and civil engineering.
  • DELTA-MS 20 offers outstanding safety thanks to its 20mm dimples and high drainage capacity of 10l/s m.


  • DELTA®-MS 20 may be installed as a permanent shuttering in either horizontal or vertical runs between a shotcrete and/or curtain wall and the concrete wall or topping of a building. The dimpled sheet forms ahighly efficient surface drainage layer. 
  • Attach DELTA®-MS 20 by mechanical means to the outer shell of a tunnel or the lining of an excavation (e.g. Berlin timbering, curtain wall, or shell-less concrete piles). Take care to ensure that the dimples always point towards the outer shell. Sheets may be applied to the entire outer shell of the structure in a single run. 
  • The obvious solution for high excavation walls is to apply the dimpled sheet horizontally straight from the roll so that it reaches no higher than the segment of the wall that is currently under construction. In this way, each succeeding wall segment may be covered from the ceiling of the storey below.
  •  Dimpled sheets should overlap by between 15 to 20 centimetres at the edges. Remember that horizontal edges should overlap shingle-fashion in the direction of the water flow, so that the edge of the upper sheet is tucked in behind that of the lower sheet.

Technical data


Studded membrane made of special, high-density polyethylene.

Dimple height

approx. 20 mm

Pressure resistance

approx. 150 kN/m²

Air gap

approx. 14 l/m²

Servicetemperature range

-30 °C to +80 °C

Environmental characteristics

Non-polluting for drinking water;
resistant to bacterial, alkaline, and chemical attack;
resistant to root penetration.

Roll size

20 m x 2 m
(if required for specific buildings can also be supplied as panels)

Drainage capacity

10 x 10-3 m²/s (10 l/s · m)


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Underground Application

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