DELTA®-X DRAIN drainage system


  • Cost-efficient and Highly Reliable.
  • With its special filtration cloth, this dimpled sheet features an outstanding compressive strength of about 150 kN/m², acting as a reliable drainage system incivil engineering, supporting walls of all type.
  • The fastening is regarded as assembly aid and is always placed above the water proofing. The top edge must be about 10 cm higher than the water proofing. 
  • At the bottom the sheet stops tight against the drainage pipe. The drainage pipe is surrounded with at least 15 cm of filter material. 
  • After backfilling, the sheet is cut off at ground level. Then the DELTA®-NOPPENBAHNEN PROFILE is fixed. 
  • With overlapping, the connecting sheet is always pushed under the lifted edge of the geotextile. Remove the protective strip and bond the adjoining sheet sections together. 
  • Plastic light-shafts should be fixed directly on the sheet. Cut out the window openings later.

Technical data: DELTA®-X DRAIN


A studded membrane made of special, high-density polyethylene and high quality PP geotextile.

Dimple height

approx. 8 mm

Servicetemperature range

- 30 °C to + 80 °C

Compressive strength

approx. 150 kN/m²

Drainage rate

approx. 2,25 l/s • m

Roll size

12.50 m x 3.0 m, 20 m x 2.0 m


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