DELTA®: Immer die richtige Lösung.

From roof to cellar, the DELTA-System has the right solution for any requirement: In combination with DELTA draught and vapour barriers, DELTA insulation underlays, waterproofing, sarking and sheathing sheets offer tailor-made combinations for all roof constructions. This guarantees optimum outside and inside protection for your heat insulation.
Together with the DELTA range of adhesive products,

this provides a single-source solution for professional roofing work. For all flat-roof applications, DELTA drainage sheets offer efficient and economically convincing solutions for everything from planted roofs to driveable flagstone pavements. DELTA facing sheets reliably protect your heat insulation from wind and moisture, and DELTA's proven drainage and waterproofing sheets for foundation-wall protection

ensure that your cellar remains permanently dry. High-performance protection and drainage systems for civil engineering keep buildings safe from moisture in the long run. The DELTA product range also includes DELTA tarpaulins and covering sheets that guarantee maximum safety in any weather. All DELTA products set standards for safety in application, workability, longevity, and energy conservation.

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