Moisture blocking studded membrane with plaster base gauze for damp basements, with rear ventilation. Plaster can be applied or plasterboard attached.


  • Ventilated dimpled membrane incorporating a bonded mesh. Guaranteed against degradation for 25 years.
  • DELTA®-PT is extremely reliable, with mesh welded to the dimpled sheet to prevent delaminating.
  • Creates a ventilation air gap between damp cellar walls and new plaster coats with its 8-mm dimples.


  • Install DELTA®-PT vertically. Use plugs to fix DELTA®-PT-PROFIL strips to the upper and lower sheet edges. Fixing plugs should be spaced approx. 25 cm apart both horizontally and vertically. Start in the centre of each sheet and work towards the sides.
  • Sheets should overlap by approx. 20 cm along the mesh-free edge. There should be no bridges between the plaster and the damp cellar wall. Reinforce and seal butt joints in corners.
  • Plaster should be trowel applied in two coats. Do not apply the second coat before the first has initially set.
  • Do not use DELTA®-PT-PROFIL with plasterboard panels. To enable the moisture-laden air to circulate, leave a gap 1 cm wide below the ceiling and above the floor.

Technical data


Special, high-density PE and HDPE gauze.

Compression resistance

approx. 70 kN/m²

Tensile strength

approx. 400 N/3cm

Luftvolumen für die Hinterlüftung

approx. 5,5 l/m²


approx. 545 g/m²

Dimple height

approx. 8 mm

Sheet overlap

approx. 20 cm

Roll size

20 m x 2 m

Material consumption

DELTA®-PT – approx. 1.15 m²,
approx. 1 m of DELTA®-PT-PROFIL and
approx. 15 DELTA®-MS DÜBEL persquare metre of wall



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