Moisture blocking studded membrane with plaster base gauze for damp basements, with rear ventilation. Plaster can be applied or plasterboard attached.



A sound base for stucco and lime-cement plaster? DELTA®-PT rehabilitates and insulates moist cellar walls!

DELTA®-PT is a moisture-inhibiting dimpled mesh for moist cellar walls with back-venting. Its material is rated rot-proof for 25 years.

DELTA®-PT forms a waterproof, sound base for stucco and lime-cement plaster. Plasterboards may also be easily attached. Through its 8-mm dimples, DELTA®-PT creates a ventilated space between the moist cellar wall and the plaster. The moisture evaporates through ventilation slits at the floor and the ceiling, plaster and wallpapers remain permanently dry. The sheet is insensitive to cold and high temperatures and may also be used for insulating tunnels. Moreover, it is particularly reliable because the dimpled sheet and the cloth are unbreakably welded together.


In conjunction with normal stucco plaster,

DELTA®-PT acts as a system for refurbishing moist walls. It should not be used in rooms where water splashes around constantly and the relative humidity is above 90%.

In conjunction with lime-cement plaster

DELTA®-PT safely insulates cellar walls. In that context, it should be remembered that only low-tension plasters should be used and the outer layer of plaster reinforced with glass scrim to avoid shrinkage cracks.

In conjunction with plasterboards

DELTA®-PT is the ideal base for permanently drying moist wall surfaces and rendering the room usable. Install DELTA®-PT vertically with the sheets overlapping; use wall plugs spaced 30cm apart to fasten the sheets to the moist cellar wall. Near floors and ceilings, leave ventilation slits at least 10mm wide to ensure optimum back-venting.

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DELTA®-PT system for tunnel rehabilitation

Many older tunnels are leaky, and because the waterproofing is inadequate the vaults are not only wet, they no longer have their full load-bearing capacity because the mortar in the walls has been leached out. Railway tunnels especially can often not be rehabilitated because the railway lines cannot be closed. In such cases, the tunnel has to be disassembled line by line and rebuilt with shotcrete. However, if this procedure is followed it is impossible to make the vault continuously waterproof.

Often, water damage can only be eliminated effectively by installing a drainage system later on. Covering the tunnel vault with DELTA®-PT, a dimpled sheet with a fused-on plaster mesh, creates a cavity for safely draining off fissure and seepage water outside. A welded-on plastic grid provides optimum support for the shotcrete that is applied during the installation phase.


Technical data: DELTA®-PT


Special, high-density PE and HDPE gauze.

Dimple height

approx. 8 mm

Compression resistance

approx. 70 kN/m2

Tensile strength

approx. 400 N/3 cm


approx. 545 g/m2

Sheet overlap

approx. 20 cm

Roll size

2,0 m x 20,0 m

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