For use as a sub-base course below concrete slabs, foundation wall protection, or as seeper course in double-skinned constructions.


  • Fast, tailored application straight from the roll on perimeter insulation, sealing slurries and waterproof concrete.
  • Is a dimpled sheet made of special high-density polyethylene.
  • DELTA – MS features more than 1800 dimples per m² for efficient pressure distribution and low point loads even on perimeter insulation.


  • Always install DELTA-MS with the dimpled side facing the protected structure. The fastening is regarded as assembly aid and is always placed above the water proofing. The top edge of the membrane must be about 10 cm higher than the water proofing.
  • If the height of the subsequent waterproofing is known, use DELTA-MS PLUG to fix the sheet on surfaces. Drill a 8 mm mounting hole for each plug.
  • The sheet should extend down to the lower edge of the foundation. It should not cover drainage pipes.
  • After backfilling, the sheet is cut off at ground level. Then the DELTA-Noppenbahn PROFILES is fixed.
  • Plastic light-shafts should be fixed directly on the sheet. Cut out the window openings later.
  • At cable or pipe penetrations, cut out in a V-shape and fix a piece of sheet about 30 x 30 cm with 2 DELTA fixing nails.

Technical data


Studded membrane made of special, high-density polyethylene.

Material thickness

approx. 0,6 mm

Dimple height

approx. 8 mm

Compressive strength

approx. 250 kN/m²

Air gap

approx. 5,3 l/m²

Servicetemperature range

-30 °C to +80 °C

Chemical properties

Resistant to chemicals
Harmless to drinking water

Fire resistance

Optional conformability with DIN 4102 Class B 2 or Class B 1 to meet special requirements.

Roll sizes

3,0 x 20 m,
2,4 x 20 m,
2,0 x 20 m,
1,5 x 20 m,
1,0 x 20 m



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DELTA®-MS - Applicationzoom


DELTA®-MS - Applicationzoom

DELTA®-MS Sub-base course

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