Nappe à excroissances, protection de soubassement DELTA®-MS

La nappe à excroissances DELTA®-MS protège l'imperméabilisation de l'endommagement mécanique, déleste la couche d'étanchéité en empêchant l'établissement d'une pression hydrostatique et évacue l'eau qui s'accumule vers le collecteur drain périphérique. Grâce à ses alvéoles de 8 mm, DELTA®-MS évite le contact direct entre le remblai et le mur.

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    Knob structure of the DELTA®-MS 20
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    DELTA®-MS in der vertikalen Anwendung
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    DELTA®-MS as filling protection in front of a perimeter insulation


  • Very good resistance
    DELTA®-MS is resistant to chemical and microbiological pollution. Thanks to its resistance to rotting, it offers a material durability in the installed state of a minimum of 25 years. In addition, the sheet is safe for drinking water.
  • Regular load distribution
    With approx. 1800 knobs per square meter and the special knobbed structure, when using the product DELTA®-MS, there is a favourable pressure distribution and a low point load on the insulation of the perimeter.
  • Optimised laying
    Because of the flat edge on one side, overlaps can be made in an easy way. The diagonal knob structure additionally enables a straight kinking enabling the sheet to rest on the ground without any gaps.
  • The perfect alternative to the conventional blinding layer made of lean concrete
    In comparison with the conventional blinding layers made of lean concrete, the use of the product DELTA®-MS has the advantage that approx. 5 cm less excavation is required, and the concrete base can be created immediately after the laying of the sheet. Furthermore, the DELTA®-MS prevents the cement paste from seeping away by protecting the sole from rising damp.
  • Controlled water drainage when securing excavations through shoring and in case of tunnel building
    DELTA®-MS enables the efficient installation of a seepage layer with various construction types and in the tunnel construction. In this manner, the water occurring during and after the construction work is (temporarily) drained away in a pressure-relieved way.


The product DELTA®-MS can be used as filling protection on perimeter insulation up to 10 m installation depth and on base plaster, as a blinding layer under concrete floors and as a seepage layer in various construction types and/or in the tunnel constructions.

Caractéristiques techniques

Material Dimpled sheet made of special high-density PE. Without plasticizers and fully recyclable
Colour brown
Dimple height approx. 8 mm
Compressive strenght approx. 250 kN/m²
Air gap approx. 5,3 l/m²
Servicetemperature range from -30 °C to + 80 °C
Water permeability within the plane in case of a vertical use approx. 2,25 x 10-3 m²/s (2,25 l/s · m)
Roll dimensions 20m x 1,0m / 20m x 1,5m / 20m x 2,0m / 20m x 2,4m / 20m x 3,0m / 20m x 1,0m without a smooth overlap edge




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