Unsichtbar und trotzdem einflussreich: Lassen Sie UV-Strahlung nicht Ihr Dach ruinieren!

The new highly UV-stabilised underlay and formwork sheet

Harmful environmental and weather influences affect people and building products in equal measure. Steep roof membranes are exposed to UV radiation during the construction phase. If the exposure becomes too high, they can become brittle and lose their function as a second water-bearing layer.


Undetected damage

Delays on the construction site are problematic because they expose building materials to the elements for longer than their resistance permits. UV indices for Europe show that, especially in the summer months, the values regularly lie in the hazardous UV radiation ranges. This also applies to building materials.

Taking action in good time

UV light damages poorly stabilised underlay sheets at the molecular level of their polymers. Visible defects therefore often only occur long after steep roofing membranes have been exposed to the sun and the roof has been covered.

Our test series shows the serious effects that such damage can have. DELTA ® -PENTAXX protects against complaints. The sheet is designed to withstand UV radiation for up to four months. So, you are safe from loss of functionality even with delays.


Understand the difference

Safe protection for roof and insulation.

The robust construction of the system enables easy handling, smooth processing and not only protects against driving rain, but also ensures that cold outside air cannot penetrate the construction and reduce the efficiency of the insulation. That is quality “Made in Germany”. Even moisture cannot harm the insulation, because DELTA ® -PENTAXX breathes. We give you this quality in writing: With our 20-year functional guarantee*.


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