Roofing membrane, Façade membrane for closed joints DELTA®-MAXX PLUS

Extremely tear-resistant, vapour-permeable roofing membrane for all the roof types equipped with covering components. The track is particularly robust and waterproof. Due to its elasticity and high tear resistance, the material can be processed in a particularly user-friendly manner and permits to achieve a high level of installation security.

Thanks to the double adhesive strips, the roofing membrane can simply be rotated during the laying work.

The result: minimum waste, maximum cost savings, minimum expenditure of time - maximum satisfaction.

Also suitable as a façade membrane behind closed joints!

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    Verlegung von DELTA®-MAXX PLUS
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    Verlegung von DELTA®-MAXX PLUS
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    Verarbeitung von DELTA®-MAXX PLUS
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    Verarbeitung von DELTA®-MAXX PLUS
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    Verlegung von DELTA®-MAXX PLUS
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    DELTA®-MAXX PLUS in der Anwendung


  • Tested fall-through protection
    Thanks to the special combination of high tensile strength and high elongation at break, the product DELTA®-MAXX PLUS has passed the more stringent test for fall-through protection. This is why it can offer you and your colleagues significantly more safety on the roof!
  • 25-year functional guarantee
    Even after years of use, the product DELTA®-MAXX PLUS is absolutely reliable. With our 25-year functional guarantee, we offer you the exclusive DÖRKEN quality and long-term performance in writing.
  • Up to 30% material savings
    Thanks to the double adhesive strips, during the laying work much less material is consumed because the roofing membrane can simply be rotated. For you this means: minimal waste and, as a consequence, lower costs. Depending on the size of the roof, the roof pitch and the roof shape, material savings can be up to 30 percent compared to the roofing membranes with standard gluing.
  • Less processing time
    Since the track can be used from left to right and vice versa, many additional steps are no longer required. This allows you to lay the track rapidly and efficiently and it saves you time which you can use for other tasks.
  • Integrated moisture storage
    The products DELTA®-MAXX PLUS and DELTA®-MAXX were the first roofing membranes in Germany equipped with moisture storage. Moisture peaks can be absorbed by the storage fleece on the underside. The moisture can then continuously dry out and any damage to the wooden structure can be avoided.
  • The product may also be used as temporary covering
    DELTA®-MAXX PLUS meets all the requirements of the ZVDH regulations and can be used as temporary covering in combination with the system accessories of DELTA®. As a result, the roof structure is temporarily protected from moisture and weathering during the working operations on the roof. This way, for example, the working operation inside the building can be continued.
  • Equipped with DELTA®-AMS and DELTA®-BiCo technologies.


DELTA®-MAXX PLUS can be used on pitched roofs with and without hard sheathing. The pitched roof membrane can be laid particularly efficiently and economically thanks to the two integrated adhesive strips positioned on the underside of the track.

The roofing membrane is rolled out parallel to the eaves and can be laid starting both from the right and the left side. It can be rotated 180 degrees and processed further in the opposite direction. The precise cut such as for example in the area of roof hips and roof coverings avoids unnecessary waste because you can continue working here immediately with the diagonally cut roll.

After the laying work, simply peel off the separating strip, press the edge on, and it is done!

The adhesive strips can be immediately applied in a windproof manner. Thanks to the integrated self-adhesive edges and the smoothed fleece rear side, DELTA®-MAXX PLUS can be installed rapidly. The grid structure on the top can be used as an ideal cutting aid.


Technical data

Material Highly tear-resistant PES special fleece with a diffusion-open PU coating on the top.
ZVDH product data sheet Class UDB-A / USB-A
Reaction to fire Class E, standard EN 13501-1
Fire index 4.2, VKF
Tensile strength approx. 450/300 N/5 cm, standard EN 12311-1+2
Watertightness Class W 1, standard EN 13859-1+2
Sd-value approx. 0.15 m, standard EN ISO 12572
Servicetemperature range from -40°C to +80°C
Short-term maximum temperature load on the material +120 °C
Resistance against driving rain Passed: Driving rain test of the underlay and the sub-roofing tracks - Technical University TU Berlin
Enhanced ageing resistance requirements Passed, ZVDH product data sheet, Table 1
Weight approx. 190 g/m²
Roll weight approx. 14 kg
Roll size 50 m x 1,50 m




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