The long journey to a new generation of roofing membranes

The impetus for our latest development came from our roofing contractors: the requirement was for roofing membranes with maximum longevity that offer enduring resistance to the toughest conditions. We took up this challenge , and the results are impressive.

Roofing membranes are currently the “weak point” of the roof. The material is exposed to extreme stresses, temperature fluctuations and air movement. This has a significant impact on longevity. We set ourselves the task of significantly slowing the ageing process. To achieve this, we carried out research, as innovation has always been in the DNA of DÖRKEN. A comprehensive development process accompanied by intensive testing led to a genuine breakthrough: a new generation of roofing membranes.

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The pioneering discovery: the movement of air above the roofing membrane is the as-yet undiscovered, underestimated problem and the decisive factor that results in the membrane ageing prematurely.

Armed with this knowledge, we have further developed and optimised our roofing membranes. To prove the efficacy of this innovation, we test the membranes in a new test procedure developed by DÖRKEN. This is now also offered by an independent test institute and is an established component of the EAD for roofing membranes.

Our new material composition ensures reliable functionality and optimal longevity. This is the basis for our new standard in roofing membranes.

Made for roofs that are here to stay.

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