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The pitched roof is one of the most common roof structures used throughout Germany. Our daily focus is the passionate further development of our system solutions for the reliable protection of roof and insulation. This also comprises the development of innovative technologies such as for example the BICO technology or the DELTA® Active Membrane System. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of vapour-permeable underlay membranes, we also offer a functional warranty of 30 years for our premium membranes.

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Verarbeitung von DELTA®-FOXX PLUS
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Verlegung von DELTA®-MAXX PLUS

At the company DÖRKEN, we are aware that a good quality pitched roof has far more functions to fulfil today than it was the case a few years ago. It does not suffice that it offers permanent protection against weather and environmental influences because it has also to meet the highest aesthetic standards. For this reason, it is important to perfectly coordinate the appearance and function (wind and moisture protection) of a pitched roof. In addition, energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important topic for homeowners and builders to be addressed when building a new roof or converting an old one. All the diverse requirements require a balanced layer structure made of special materials in the roof construction. Since pitched roofs should be planned and implemented in such a manner that they can take on the following functions:

  • They should offer a long-lasting protection against weather influences such as for example rain, snow, and storm, as well as against heat and cold but also against fine dust, and much more.
  • Since the roof makes up a large proportion of the external surface of a building, it should make a crucial contribution to saving energy.
  • This way, you should make your contribution to the creation of a pleasant living and room climate.

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The outstanding result of our new mission: the next generation of pitched roof membrane with proven longevity and 30-year warranty. This is made possible by our in-depth know-how and the use of state-of-the-art production technologies. For roofs that last.

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