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Pitched roofs belong to the most frequent roof constructions in the world.

To be of good quality, a pitched roof needs to fulfil many more functions today compared to a few years ago. Not only should it offer lasting protection from weather and environmental influences, it should also meet the most exacting requirements as regards aesthetics. The objective is, therefore, to perfectly harmonise the visual and functional aspects of a pitched roof. Besides, energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important issue for builders and owners, an issue that must be addressed when building or refurbishing a roof.

In our voluminous portfolio you will find all the moisture-protection products which you need to secure the energy efficiency of a pitched roof.

System solutions for every pitched roof

No matter what the shape of a roof is or whether or not it has hard sheathing: DELTA® has the right solution for any case, from roof-deck insulation elements and waterproofing and sarking sheets to vapour retarders/vapour barriers and any accessories you may need.

DELTA® offers solutions that are equally ideal for building, altering, or rehabilitating pitched roofs. Factors of importance in the selection of pitched-roof system solutions include the roof construction and gradient and the weather influences to be expected as well as the utilisation of the building and its energy requirements.


How to protect the insulation of pitched roofs with DELTA® products

How to protect the insulation of pitched roofs with DELTA® products Energy efficiency is now more important than ever next to the protective function of a pitched roof when deciding about building, altering, or refurbishing it. Only a dry insulation is capable of lowering energy expenses sustainably, besides protecting the environment and avoiding the formation of mould.  

Help comes in this instance from top-quality insulation, a sarking sheet and, on the interior side, a vapour barrier or vapour retarder .

• A dry insulation ensures that as little heat as possible escapes outside in winter and penetrates into the interior in summer.

• The sarking sheet protects a pitched roof and particularly its insulation from weather-borne moisture, such as rain or snow.

A vapour barrier or draught-proofing layer also constitutes an indispensable element in an inclined roof. One the one hand, it keeps internal moisture from penetrating into the insulation and condensing there. Without a barrier, water vapour from the living quarters might enter the insulation, damaging wooden construction elements and increasing the risk of moulding. Moreover, when acting as a draught-proofing layer keeps warm air with its potentially great burden of moisture from penetrating into the heat-insulated roof construction and cold air from entering the interior of the roof from outside, possibly causing draughts and a feeling of coldness which lead to loss of comfort.


High-grade DELTA® pitched-roof systems and innovative solutions for pitched roofs

Using DELTA® sheets in your pitched roof allows you to rely on outstanding insulation-protection combinations for your roof construction. Our waterproofing, sarking, and sheathing sheets together with our draught and vapour barriers form a perfect system that protects pitched roofs inside and outside.    As the leading innovators in the market for laminated sheets for pitched roofs, we constantly work on landmark developments. Our field-tested products are constantly being examined, optimised, and enhanced – including, for example, DELTA®-MAXX PLUS or DELTA®-FOXX PLUS .  

Our unique membrane technology Active Membrane System is a similarly ground-breaking development which virtually lets your pitched roof breathe. Developed by Dörken, these products protect your roof like a skin: breathable and water-repellent at the same time.

Our BiCo Technology enables us to influence the properties of a sheet to the smallest detail. The result is a high-performance fibre that may also be adapted to the specific application of a sheet.

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