Sitzschiene KTL-Beschichtung

KTL 2.0 from DÖRKEN

With the KTL system DELTA-eLACK® DÖRKEN combines the best of two worlds: cathodic protecting base coats such as a zinc or zinc flake coating with an optically-attractive black organic topcoat – applied in a drum unit.

KTL - The principle

KTL (cathodic dip coating) is the surface protection system most commonly used in the car industry. It is an essential element of surfaces such as vehicle bodywork However, it only acts as a protective barrier - not active cathodic corrosion protection. 

Higher corrosion protection

Under the slogan “KTL 2.0” DÖRKEN therefore offers the tailored combination of a zinc flake base coat and KTL topcoat. The cathodic protection-providing basecoat is the zinc flake coating, which is applied directly to the substrate that is to be treated. 

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Aesthetic coating

The black, organic topcoat lends the surfaces of the coated parts an aesthetically-pleasing deep black appearance with very thin and even coats The benefits: in production there is no need to recut threaded parts and there is no need to wax internal and external weld seams. Coat thicknesses of <20 µm mean that setting behaviour is also superb. As no hydrogen is involved in the application process, the system is also suitable for high-tensile steel.

Application in drum units - for maximum efficiency

A further advantage of KTL 2.0 is the special plant utilised: a drum unit enables the coating of small to medium-sized stamped and bent parts in the bulk products procedure. Noteworthy: there is 100% material utilisation in a low-solvent process.

The characteristics of our KTL 2.0 DELTA-eLACK® at a glance

  • High (cathodic) corrosion protection through combination of our product
  • Coating in the drum as bulk products
  • Thin, even coats
  • Adjustable coefficients of friction for threaded parts.
  • Superb deep black appearance
  • Environmentally-friendly and resource-saving
  • High chemical resistance
  • Threaded parts without reworking / recutting
  • Recoatability
  • High resistance to white rust
  • No recess filling