Coil Coating von DÖRKEN

Coil Coating by DÖR­KEN: A safe, long-term surface protection

Coil-coated steel is used in a wide range of sectors and fields of application. Coating ensures long-term, effective protection of surfaces against corrosion and other influences.

DÖRKEN serves a specialist niche market with coil coating products as well as supplying high-quality coating systems for special applications in the steel field. As a development partner, we offer individual solutions tailored optimally to the respective technical requirements.

Coil Coating - The principle

Coil coating is a continuous process for the coating of one or both sides of rolled coils of refined steel, stainless steel or aluminium with an organic coating material. In contrast to other coating processes, the coils are first coated and then processed (e.g. formed, bent, drawn). Depending on requirements, the application of the coating material – typically lacquers and plastic films – lends the coils decorative and functional characteristics as well as surface and corrosion protection. The result is a high-performance composite of a metallic base material and an organic coating.

Efficient production process

The fully-automated coil coating process typically has multiple steps, runs continuously and - compared to the coating of individual pieces - is considerably more efficient and less prone to interruptions. 


The substrate of steel, stainless steel or aluminium that is destined for coating is supplied to the coating plant in coiled form, uncoiled and guided through a looper. In the first stage the coils are cleaned of oil and grease and chemically pre-treated.The actual coating occurs in a roller process, it is precisely tailored to the respective area of use of the coil and can occur in various forms. For example, a base coat (primer) is first applied and annealed, with a topcoat added in a second step.After coating the coil is dried in a special oven and subsequently cooled. If necessary, an additional lamination stage can add a protective plastic film.In the last stage the coated coil is rolled back up again.


Coil Coating - The advantages at a glance


  • Highly automated, safe and continuous process
  • Consistent coating thickness and surface quality
  • Constant corrosion protection
  • Precise configuration of specifications (coating thickness, visual appearance, functional characteristics)
  • Long-term protection of up to 40 years


  • Flexible manufacturing of different designs
  • Solid, consistent coating of the entire substrate
  • Wide range of creative possibilities (coloured top coats)
  • Uses up to 100% of the material = sustainable process

Economic efficiency

  • High productivity
  • Minimal use of material during cleaning, pre-treatment and coating
  • Effective use of resources
  • High cost-efficiency

Environmental protection

  • Materials are wholly recyclable
  • Low emissions
  • Closed waste disposal cycle