Fluid component coated with the DELTA-PROZINC® system

Galvanisation Systems from DÖRKEN: A system with highest efficiency

Consistently high, uniform quality standards are required in many areas of industry. Electroplated surfaces are in use nearly everywhere and represent a reliable corrosion protection system. However: worldwide there are many companies offering this technology as individual products, from small firms to major chemical companies. And this is where the problem of fluctuating quality lies.

Electroplating - The principle

DÖRKEN is addressing this challenge and responding with a system: the galvanic protection system DELTA-​PROZINC®. This is a process-safe, highly-efficient and non-hazardous electroplating system with superb corrosion protection and screw fitting properties. System means that it is not just a collection of random products from diverse manufacturers. Instead it is a complete system, comprising products tailored to one another in an individually customised, resource-saving procedure with selected licensees. This results in uniform global quality standards that ideally satisfy the high requirements of the car industry.

The overall package of pre-treatment products, zinc baths, passivation and seals is also ecologically sustainable, as it dispenses with the need for nickel. For threaded parts, sealants can be adjusted to the coefficients of friction requirement of parts manufacturers or customers  via integrated lubricant additives. Further requirements (such as colouring) can also be met where necessary.


Pre-treatmentZinc processPassivationSealing
  • Cleaner
  • Pickle
  • Electrolytic cleaner
  • Acidic
  • Alkaline
  • Silvery
  • Black
  • Colourless
  • Black

Individual requirements, individual solutions

Each customer has a different focal point for requirements. DÖRKEN helps you to recognise these and reflect them in a perfectly-harmonised combination of plant and galvanic products.

In neutral salt spray testing according to DIN EN ISO 9227 the zinc system clearly achieves the corrosion protection times against coating corrosion (white rust) and base metal corrosion (red rust as required by DIN EN ISO 19598. In the event of damage to the surface the cathodic protection takes action, with the zinc in the surface sacrificing itself.

he setting of defined fastening parameters via the sealant is of particular interest for the automobile industry. The shiny, slightly iridescent look enables use in both functional and decorative areas.

What are the benefits of our DELTA-PROZINC® electroplating system?

  • High cathodic corrosion protection through combination of our products, high white rust resistance
  • Thin, even coats
  • Adjustable coefficients of friction for threaded parts, as per customer specifications
  • Superb metallic appearance
  • Ductility, mechanically durable
  • Environmentally friendly and resource saving
  • Globally standardised product with uniform quality