Damp-proof course accessories DELTA®-MAUERWERKSECKE (CORNER)

Prefabricated inside and outside corners as a system supplement for all DELTA® damp-proof courses

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    DELTA®-MAUERWEKSECKE Außenecke in der Anwendung
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    DELTA®-MAUERWERKSECKE - Inner corner
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  • No complicated cutting and shaping of the damp-proof courses required
    The prefabricated inner and outer corners make it easier to form corners in damp-proof courses when used as an L or Z barrier.


DELTA®-MAUERWERKSECKEN are loosely laid. The damp-proof course is then applied as an L or Z barrier with > 5 cm overlap on the prefabricated corner and tightly bonded with the permanently elastic cartridge adhesive DELTA®-THAN.

Données techniques

Material Special bitumen-resistant, rot-proof polyolefin.
Thickness approx. 1,2 mm
Dimensions (inside and outside) 40 cm x 40 cm, height 15 cm


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