Seperation layer DELTA®-ENKA VENT

Structural mat without carrier track for roofs with non-self-supporting metal coverings.

Available as DELTA®-TRELA (PLUS) equipped with a carrier track.

    smallRetina 12:09:38
    DELTA®-ENKA VENT in der Anwendung
    smallRetina 12:09:38
    DELTA®-ENKA VENT in der Anwendung


  • Flexible application
    DELTA®-ENKA VENT may be used in combination with all DELTA® formwork tracks.
  • The tested fire protection
    DELTA®-ENKA VENT is tested in combination withDELTA®-FOXX (PLUS) as a roofing system resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat with metal coverings made of titanium zinc (AbP P-BWU03-I-16.3.243 MPA University of Stuttgart)
  • Low frictional resistance
    Due to the high density of the nub structure, the shares can slide without any hindrance in case of thermal changes in length.


The DELTA®-ENKA VENT can be laid on the separating layer (hard sheathing) into all directions.

Dati Tecnici

Material Polyamide
Dimple height approx. 8 mm
Deck width approx. 1 m
Weight approx. 210 g/m²
Roll weight approx. 10,5 kg
Roll size 50 m x 1,0 m


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