Chimney and wall connections DELTA®-TOP MICRO

Universal connecting tape in four standard colours with expansion reserve through micro pleating. For all connections to walls, chimneys and building components. Especially for profiled cover materials

Due to the micro pleating, the tape is very flexible and makes the tight connection of the roof covering to all it's rising components, for example chimneys and walls, easier.

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    Kaminanschluss mit DELTA®-TOP MICRO
    smallRetina 01:51:45
    Kaminanschluss mit DELTA®-TOP MICRO


  • Precise and quick installation
    The two-part protective film on the butyl back ensures easy processing. The connecting tape can be shaped precisely on curves and transitions. This means that every work step is quick and safe.
  • Colour matching the roofing
    Thanks to the structured surface and the four standard colours (red, black, brown, bordeaux), the material adapts perfectly to the roofing.
  • Secure connections and ends
    DELTA®-TOP MICRO safely drains water.


The surface must be stable, dry and free from dust, frost and grease.
DELTA®-TOP MICRO is precisely adjustable thanks to the optimally coordinated material components and the two-part protective film on its back.

Dati Tecnici

Material Aluminium
Suitability Connection tape for roof details
Colours Red, black, brown
Adhesive made from butyl rubber, black
Stretchability margin by pleating approx. 25% lengthways
Substrate condition Load-bearing, dry, free of dust, frost and grease
Application temperature From +5 °C to +40 °C
Functional temperature range From -30 °C to +80 °C
Roll width 300 mm
Roll length 5 m
Packaging 1 roll


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