Tarpaulins and covers DELTA®-BACHE DE TOIT

Strong tarpaulin for all pitched roof renovations or new buildings to protect the uncovered roof structure from the weather.

Quick protection also in case of storm or hale damage.

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    DELTA®-DACHPLANE in der Anwendung


  • Secure attachment
    Secure attachment to the roof structure due to the reinforced tape welded on at a distance of 60 cm. Circumferential tightly welded eyelet tape to fasten the edges as required.
  • Use as makeshift as well as emergency cover
    DELTA®-DACHPLANE protects against moisture damage during the construction phase or, in case of existing damage, until the roof covering is repaired.
  • Transparent
    The background is still visible thanks to the transparency. Important when attaching the tarpaulin on the surface.
  • When it's suitable fixed, penetration-proof according to DIN 4426


DELTA®-DACHPLANE can be used universally as a makeshift or emergency cover as well as a tarpaulin. The reinforcement strips welded on at a distance of 60 cm as well as the circumferentially welded eyelet strips ensure the tarpaulin to be attached flexibly and according to the requirement. Due to the robust qualities, DELTA®-DACHPLANE can be used multiple times.

Caractéristiques techniques

Material The polyethylene is environmentally friendly and has a highly tear-resistant mesh reinforcement.
Tensile strength approx. 450 N/5 cm (DIN 53354)
Servicetemperature range From -40 °C to +80 °C
Weight ca. 13,2 kg
Dimensions 6 x 10 m


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