Dimpled sheet DELTA®-NB

The tried and tested and inexpensive dimpled sheet is suitable for use as a blinding layer, foundation wall protection and seepage layer in 2-shell constructions.

The diagonal knob structure allows to bend the dimpled sheet in a straight line and to shape corners with precise edges.

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    DELTA®-NB in der horizontalen Anwendung
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    DELTA®-NB Noppenbahn Nahaufnahme
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    DELTA®-NB in der vertikalen Anwendung
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    DELTA®-NB in der Anwendung als Sauberkeitsschicht


  • Use as a blinding layer
    In many cases, the product DELTA®-NB can be used as a substitute for a blinding layer made of lean concrete. This saves excavation and equipment costs and also waiting times.
  • Smooth overlapping edge
    The sheets in the widths > 1.0 m have an approximately 10 cm wide edge without knobs on one of the long sides to simplify the coverage of the sheets.
  • Diagonal arrangement of the knobs
    The diagonal knob structure allows to bend the sheet with straight edges. In this manner, the work on delimiting components (corners, component edges, etc.) can be simplified.
  • Resource-friendly product
    The product DELTA®-NB is made entirely from recycled raw materials.

Uygulama bilgileri

Discover the different application options offered by DELTA®-NB:

  • Replacement for blinding layers made of lean concrete
    The product DELTA®-NB is rolled out on the levelled surface with the knobbed side down. The sheet overlapping is executed with the smooth overlap edge or for example at end joints with an overlap of 20 cm. Then linear spacers are laid directly on the product DELTA®-NB (note the height with regard to the required concrete overlap!), and the reinforcement is laid and concreted.
  • Foundation wall protection
    In this application, the product DELTA®-NB serves as a filling protection and separating layer positioned between the soil and the building structure. The dimpled sheet is laid with the dimpled side facing the pressure-stable subsurface. The fastening is provisionally carried out above the splash water area. After its filling, the sheet is cut evenly at the top edge of the ground.
  • Sub-base course
    In two-shell constructions (for example in shoring applications), the product DELTA®-NB can be used as a sub-base course. For this purpose, the dimpled sheet is laid and fastened with the dimpled side facing the filtering substrate (for example shotcrete). After that, the concrete is poured directly against the DELTA®-NB. The cavity created by the knobs is used for the safe and rapid drainage of seepage or stratified water.

Teknik veriler

Material Special high-density PE, without plasticizers, fully recyclable
Colour Anthracite
Dimpled height approx. 8 mm
Compressive strength approx. 200 kN/m²
Air gap approx. 5,3 l/m²
Servicetemperature range from -30 °C to + 80 °C
Contact surface knobs/subsurface ca. 1450 cm²/m²
Chemical properties Resistant to chemicals and roots, rot-proof, safe for drinking water
Roll dimensions 20m x 0,50m / 20m x 1,00m / 20m x 1,50m / 20m x 2,00m / 20m x 2,40m / 20m x 3,00m




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