Corrosion Solutions for Different Applications

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Whether it is the automobile industry, construction, agriculture, green energy or mining: DÖRKEN Coatings is present in many different markets. With our innovative corrosion solutions and coating technologies and sector-specific know-how we offer the ideal solution for every purpose. Flexible. Individual. Worldwide.


Components of various materials are used in automotive and are subject to constant high levels of stress. Every day they are required to withstand dirt, stone impacts, uneven roads and changing climatic environmental influences. For this reason, cars are equipped with numerous technically sophisticated and safety relevant systems that are essential for smooth and safe travel.


More than ever, the truck & trailer market is characterized by enormous cost pressures. At the same time, all vehicle components employed are required to satisfy very high safety standards, as they need to withstand high stresses at all times. Dirt, stone impacts, uneven roads and changing climatic environmental influences place a strain on the technically-sophisticated and safety-relevant systems.


The construction industry is focused on building structures, bridges and buildings. In this varied field of work, different materials are used: wood, iron, steel and many more. At the same time, structures are subjected to extreme stresses such as fluctuating temperatures in summer and winter, rain and different types of ambient air on the coast or in industrial environments.


Equipment, machinery and buildings used in the agricultural sector are subjected to a wide range of stresses– and this also applies for the parts and components they contain. Weathering effects and various chemical impacts stress the components and call for long-lasting, effective corrosion protection.

Rail Industry

Whether it is rail cars for freight and passenger transport, control and safety technology or rail infrastructure: in the rail industry safety and observing the highest quality standards are of elementary importance. As a result, the steel components installed need to fulfil the highest standards when it comes to surface protection.

Construction Equipment

Construction machines and tools used in the construction area are exposed to constantly changing environmental conditions and need to withstand often extreme chemical and mechanical stresses. Enduring functionality and retention of the optical appearance of the expensive capital goods are particularly important.

Renewable Energies

Whether it is towers, rotors, drive systems or generators: wind power units are subjected to extreme climatic and mechanical stresses. For this reason, the respective components need to be coated with a surface finish precisely tailored to the requirements. The continuous and problem-free functionality of a wind energy unit in a prescribed period of use with low maintenance input is a key prerequisite in a fast-growing market for clean/renewable energy.