Zinc Flake Coating Solutions

Ultra-thin and Highly Reliable

Protection Against Corrosion

From small nuts and bolts to large steel components: suitable corrosion protection must be considered for every metallic component right from the planning stage. Electrochemical reactions alter the properties of the metal and can considerably impair its functionality. Cathodic corrosion protection is a reliable solution in which a zinc flake coating acts as a barrier. In the event of a corrosion attack, the zinc sacrifices itself due to the low electrochemical potential thus protecting the steel component.

You can count on the expertise and experience of Europe’s market leader in microlayer corrosion protection systems: A zinc flake system from DÖRKEN Coatings meets all complex requirements.

Since DÖRKEN Coatings (formally DÖRKEN MKS) developed its first application of zinc flake coating in 1989, continuous further development and innovation have made us the reliable partner for corrosion protection with efficient zinc flake coatings.

How is a Zinc Flake System Created?

A zinc flake coating is a modular system consisting of a basecoat and a topcoat

The individual components can be combined to precisely satisfy characteristic requirements (specific coefficient of friction, chemical resistances etc).

Corrosion Protection Basecoat:
The basecoat is the zinc flake coating and is applied directly to the substrate to be treated. This base layer determines the corrosion protection properties. The zinc content provides a high level of cathodic corrosion protection. For bulk materials, such as thread-rolling screws, application by dip spin process is typical, for larger components the spraying process (manual or by robots) is recommended.

Corrosion Protection Topcoat:
The topcoat complements the properties of the basecoat, and gives the coating additional multifunctional properties. In addition to corrosion protection, the topcoat protects against chemical and mechanical impacts and is responsible for the:

  • Requirements of coefficient of friction
  • media resistance
  • weathering resistance
  • appearance
  • and other individual requirements

Talk to us about your requirements - we will work out the optimal solution for you.

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