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DÖRKEN Academy

Our Academy pulls together knowledge on all aspects of surface protection.

The Academy provides a platform for knowledge transfer and dialogue. In the process you not only gain the know-how, but also become acquainted with the people at Dörken – true to our motto: Discover Expertise.

As corrosion experts, we develop solutions to ensure components’ long-lasting functionality. We love and live effective corrosion protection using differing coating solutions and corresponding methods of application.

Whether you have specific challenges that you would like to explore solutions for, or are interested in general industry topics, Doerken Coatings North America will work with you to create content that fit your needs. We invite you to collaborate with our Team to create a unique educational experience for your customers. Together we are setting the standards on topics related to coatings and support you in creating programs with added value for your company. Let us work with you to continue to elevate the industry standard for continuing education for your company and customer.

To view and register for upcoming seminars please click here.

To create a personalized seminar series for you and your customers please contact Jacqueline Orow at Doerken Coatings North America. 

Jacqueline Orow Marketing & Portfolio Implementation Manager jorow@doerken.com T +1 517 522 4600
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