What you can expect from DELTA®-Membranes

Anyone wanting reliability for their pitched roof places their trust in DELTA®. Anyone wanting reliable protection against moisture for their foundation walls turns to DELTA®.   We have stood for the highest quality, innovative force and reliability for more than 125 years.

‘Whoever uses our products benefits in the long term’ You can take our promise literally: “DELTA protects values, saves energy, and creates comfort.” We achieve convincing results worldwide with our system solutions – from the roof to the basement. Our success is based on our high “Made in Germany” product quality, our practical solutions, our perfect combination of products and accessories and the fact that we give you excellent service right from the start.

  • Certified quality for each manufacturing process as well as various product certifications beyond standards. 
  • Dörken has several internal operating test laboratories for ongoing production Quality Control as well as innovative R&D Labs. 
  • Dörken carries out extreme quality tests such as: Rain tests or performance tests in specially designed climatic chambers as well as year-round UV exposure field testing in Florida. 
  • Various long-term tests are carried out continuously: heat storage in special ovens, standardized QUV tests, outdoor weather tests and more. The result: Our sheets are extremely powerful and durable.
  • Dörken offers a comprehensive application engineering service for installers, planners, trade and builders. 
  • Our sales, marketing and support teams are in every project phase with help of all kinds to the side. 
  • Our construction experts advise you with a lot of practical experience always knowledgeable at eye level – from professional to professional. 
  • Our employees in R&D and production give their best every day. With great commitment, know-how and lots of heart blood.
  • Dörken offers perfectly matching DELTA® System Solutions. 
  • Always the right solution for all requirements – from basements to roofs, from surfaces up to details. 
  • Sheets for pitched roofs, for flat roofs and façades –drainage and waterproofing layers for basement protection as well as comprehensive System accessories.

  • In 1961 Dörken established the first roofing underlayment into   production maturity in the German market and established the   application together with The Central Association of the German Roofing Industry. 
  • In 1987 being an innovative manufacturer Dörken introduced DELTA ®-PURAFOL to the market and pushes the use of vapour   open underlays. 
  • With DELTA®-FOXX in 1997 the entry into the premium segment of vapour open sheets for boarded roofs was a success. 
  • Dörken is living an innovative culture for decades and has been awarded as a top-innovator of the German middle class several times.

  • All roofing sheets are 100 % manufactured in Germany at the headquarter. 
  • High quality raw material (granulates, stabilizers) is purchased exclusively of well-known manufacturers. 
  • The new production line for nonwovens is unique and has been co-developed by experienced Dörken engineers. Dörken masters many different types manufacturing technologies and offers therefore an incomparable product range. Customer needs and requirements are met.
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