Better in the long run. Partnership with Dörken.

FINAL DISTRIBUTION appreciates the amicable and successful collaboration with Dörken.

Why does it pay to enter into a partnership with Dörken? There are plausible reasons for doing so Premium-Marke DELTA®.  

The DELTA® premium brand

Products made by Dörken bear the DELTA® logo. For more than 50 years, the brand has been synonymous with quality and lasting safety in laminated construction sheets that are used on roofs and soil-boundary building elements. Project managers, architects, and craftsmen know the brand, and they are aware that they can absolutely rely on DELTA® products. Quality. Quality. Quality. Demands have never before been so stringent, particularly in the building sector. This is why the demand for DELTA® products keeps growing steadily in many markets. Confidence in cheaper solutions that are of inferior quality is dwindling. This holds true for projects of all sizes. Consequently, more and more people ask for DELTA® products. Worldwide. Because there is hardly and leeway left below good quality. DELTA® is used first and foremost wherever there is no chance of repairing quality defects later on. This is why more and more owners, architects, and project executives rely on the hit brand from Germany.  

Made in Germany

Dörken and DELTA® come from Germany, one of the toughest markets worldwide where quality is concerned. Just like German industrial norms have established themselves as sound standards of quality, products bearing the DELTA® brand have set landmarks worldwide in the field of laminated sheets. Operating its own research and development department, Dörken continuously works on holding the top position in terms of quality. Experience tells us that any product which catches on in Germany and central Europe has a chance of making it on markets everywhere in the world.

For 30 years, ISOMAT has had ties of excellent partnership with Dörken.

Dependable logistics

On-time delivery, availability, and a certain amount of flexibility – Dörken's commercial partners are aware that they may rely on sound and dependable logistics. We provide specific solutions for markets whenever required by demand volumes and conditions.  

Long-range partnership

We of Dörken are convinced that a partnership can be valuable to both sides only if it is designed to last a long time. Familiar with the specific conditions of individual markets, our experts draw the right conclusions – always in concert with partners on the spot. To our mind, amicable relations are the foundation for mutual success. 'We feel part of the Dörken family', a partner wrote with whom we have been collaborating for 30 years. We frankly admit that this made us very happy. It describes the mutual understanding that prevails between us and our partners. 

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