• Italien, LA CASA VERDE CO2.0

    Italien, LA CASA VERDE CO2.0

    A project of the county of Editerra-Edilana, the green house CO2.0 has been distinguished with the renowned sustainability prize SIF AWARD 2012, mainly because of its sustainable construction in conjunction with technological innovations.

  • Quebec, Canada, SPA BALNEA

    Quebec, Canada, SPA BALNEA

    The BALNEA SPA is situated in a beautiful setting in the heart of the eastern townships with a view of Lake Gale, about one hour distant from Montreal. To enlarge it, a minimalist pavilion on metal stilts has been added. For its open-jointed wood facing, ipe was selected, a very hard tropical wood from Brazil. To afford the best possible protection from moisture and wind to the surface behind the open joints, DELTA-FASSADE S was installed.

  • Warschau, Patio Ząbki

    Warschau, Patio Ząbki

    Well connected to downtown Warsaw and surrounded by generous parks, Patio Ząbki offers a great deal of space for young families to express themselves. Featuring large balconies and open ground-floor flats, its multi-family dwellings frame unusual views of the inner courtyard with its greenery and paving stones. The intensive herbaceous cover of the underground car park ceiling was placed on top of DELTA-FLORAXX TOP.

  • Singen, educational centre

    Singen, educational centre

    Belonging to the archdiocese of Freiburg, the Singen educational centre is recognised by the state of Baden-Württemberg as an institute of adult education. The house is situated in a quiet setting directly at the foot of mount Hohentwiel on the edge of Singen. Under the extensive herbaceous cover of its flat roofs, DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP was installed to provide water storage and drainage.

  • Schopfloch, animal bridge

    Schopfloch, animal bridge

    Animal bridges actively protect biodiversity: they re-connect disrupted wildlife habitats and migration corridors, while at the same time enhancing traffic safety on the roads. Measuring 80 metres in length, this animal bridge forms part of the Schopfloch bypass, which is not supposed to permanently disrupt the passage of animals.

  • Ruit, healt care

    Ruit, healt care

    As the first multi-functional hospital project nationwide, the Ruit health centre was awarded the innovation prize of the Federal Public Private Partnership (PPP) association in the 'health' category in 2011. This price is awarded to projects in which public and private partners have achieved unusual success in jointly realising a project for the public sector.

  • Oberwil/Basel, brickworks

    Oberwil/Basel, brickworks

    Urban living on the edge of a conservation area: situated on the premises of a former brickworks between Oberwil and Allschwil, modern residential buildings form an independent ensemble. Bright materials and large windows afford a great deal of light and far-ranging views to the inhabitants.

  • Oberursel, „Schatzinsel“ day care center

    Oberursel, „Schatzinsel“ day care center

    In collaboration with Thomas Cook, the city of Oberursel has built a new day-care centre which is sponsored by the municipality. Since May 2011, around 100 children aged 18 months to 6 years have been supervised here in six groups.

  • Oberursel, grammar school

    Oberursel, grammar school

    From the school yard, the new centre of the Oberursel grammar school, all entrances to class houses, the assembly hall lobby, the sports hall, and the science class rooms are accessible. Walkable skylights of matt, non-slip glass admit daylight into the subterranean sports hall.

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