DELTA®-Ad Tec Klebetechnologie

DELTA®-Ad Tec Klebetechnologie



The adhesive zones integrated in the DELTA®-PLUS membranes have been specially developed and coordinated to meet the high requirements in the construction sector. The aim of our many years of development experience in the field of DELTA® roofing membranes and the DELTA® system accessories was and is the permanent optimization of all components. 

Only with a high and constant thermal stability and by the clear renouncement of the addition of natural resins, we reach our goal of the long-term safe bonding of the DELTA®-Sheets.

The adhesive zones of the DELTA®-PLUS membranes are well protected against weathering even before installation. The cover strips of the adhesive zones have a lock-resistant special siliconization and are groundwater neutral.

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