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07.06.2016 Roland Scheffler

DELTA® in the Gotthard Tunnel!

DELTA® in the Gotthard-Tunnel!zoom
DELTA® in the Gotthard-Tunnel!

On June 1, 2016, the 57-km Gotthard Tunnel was officially opened in Switzerland. The materials used in building the world's longest railway tunnel include our high-performance drainage sheets DELTA®-AT 800/1200. Compared to the old Gotthard tunnel, the new link features two tubes, so that more trains can run through it at greater speed. Carrying a price tag of around 11 billion euros, the building of the tunnel took 17 years.

One of the most important requirements for ensuring the longevity and operational reliability of a tunnel is that harmful rock water should be kept away from the inner shell and the traffic space. This is why long-lived and efficient drainage layers are particularly important. Specifically developed for this landmark project, the dimpled sheets DELTA®-AT 1200 and 800 are high-performance drainage sheets that have now been used in building the Gotthard tunnel. The sheets feature extremely high compressive strength, the ability to handle large volumes of water, and a high drainage capacity that predestines them for high-exposure applications like this. Tested in the run-up during an evaluation period of ten years, the sheets are dimensioned to last 100 years in use, besides displaying outstanding chemical resistance even when exposed to markedly elevated temperatures and highly alkaline fissure and seepage water underground.

Next to these dimpled sheets for extreme requirements – now integrated in this centennial project – it goes without saying that DELTA® offers optimum protection for the foundation of your house as well. The DELTA® system has suitable solutions for all requirements – from cold self-setting adhesive waterproofing sheets to protection and drainage sheets for your foundation walls.

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