Welche DELTA®-Bahnen kommen zum Einsatz?

System solutions for flat and green roofs

Our DELTA® flat roof navigator provides an overview of the various types of flat roof. Select your desired type of flat roof, and you will receive a clear product recommendation.  

You can then combine this product with DELTA® system accessories to produce a perfectly matched system for refurbishments or new builds.

Flat roofs provide a variety of vegetation options. We will show you what protection and drainage system works best with extensive and intensive green roofs. Green roofing

Extensive green roof

This type of green roof is very low-maintenance. It can largely be left alone and does not require constant irrigation.

Extensive Begrünung

Intensive green roof  

These plants require regular watering and fertilizing.

Intensive Begrünung

The right protection and drainage system for a wide variety of uses: as a parking lot, rooftop terrace, sports field, playground or even a park. Walk-on and drive-on surfaces

Walk-on surfaces

This category includes terraces with stone pavers or wooden decking, in which precipitation on the surface and in the waterproofing layer has to be safely and reliably drained away to keep the roof from becoming waterlogged, which will damage the surface waterproofing.

Begehbare Flächen

Drive-on surfaces

This category requires a high-performance drainage solution to prevent stagnant water from causing frost damage or attacking the substructure of the drive-on area.

Befahrbare Flächen

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