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What are the crucial aspects of a flat roof?

Next to affording permanent protection from weather influences, a flat roof is also supposed to contribute towards the cosiness of the living quarters and offices below. This calls for efficient heat insulation, noise abatement, and of course fire protection.

Consequently, the structure of a flat roof comprises various functional layers. These include the supporting structure, the vapour barrier, the heat insulation, the waterproofing and – depending on the use of the roof – root-protection, separation, and drainage layers, further protective layers (e.g. gravel or flagstones) or substrate or vegetation layers. All these structural layers need to be harmonised so as to make sense. The waterproofing in particular is threatened by weather and environmental influences and requires special protection. Another factor of importance in a flat roof is workmanlike drainage.

Unlike pitched roofs, flat roofs allow precipitation water to accumulate if there is no proper drainage. Stagnant water should be avoided as a general rule because first, it increases the risk of leakages, and second, organic substances that accumulate in it, such as dead leaves, for instance, may in the long run damage the waterproofing.

With the products of DELTA® you are on the safe side. Whether you plan to build, convert, or refurbish a roof – high-performance protection and drainage sheets from DELTA® provide safe drainage for flat roofs and secure the entire roof construction. Compression-resistant DELTA® drainage systems form reliable protection, filtration, and seepage layers that drain off precipitation water safely from above the waterproofing level.

DELTA® products for refurbishing flat roofs

DELTA® protection and drainage sheets provide comprehensive protection for waterproofing and insulation sheets, thus prolonging the life of these functional layers. The heavy-duty DELTA®-TERRAXX protection and drainage system meets various requirements of horizontal drainage and may be used on a multitude of flat roofs.

Installed under green roofs, walkable and driveable surfaces, and gravelled roofs, DELTA®-TERRAXX furnishes robust protection for the waterproofing and efficient drainage. For building and refurbishing green roofs we recommend DELTA®-FLORAXX and DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP. These two dimpled sheets not only prevent waterlogging, they also store rainwater to supply the plants in times of drought.

Flat roof application

Flat roofs in the public areas

Industrial companies and public authorities have also been interested in flat roofs for a long time: parks and play/sports grounds are increasingly moved to rooftops to relieve the lack of space in big cities and densely built-up areas. The only condition is that any rainwater impinging on these grounds and possibly on surrounding façades can be drained off reliably. Therefore, the construction of such a flat roof should include an efficient drainage layer; otherwise, stagnant water may lead to frost damage and attack the substructure of traffic areas. Drainage sheets of the DELTA® brand offer cost-efficient solutions for all applications relating to flat roofs, their convincing properties including powerful protection, high drainage capacity, and unusual longevity.

Serenadenhof DELTA®-TERRAXX
Serenadenhof DELTA®-TERRAXX
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