Fassade konstruieren - Farbe als Element

Designing a façade – colour as an element

Comprising seven different tints, the DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR facing system provides you with an opportunity to design a façade with its very own aesthetic. Combine, for example, an open-jointed wood facing or an expanded-metal or glass facing with DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR to form a façade that lets you experience true materiality as well as colour. 

The new line amalgamates the competence of our laminated sheets division with the knowhow of our sister company Protec Systempasten which specialises in supplying any desired tint for house paints and plasters. See for yourself what new aesthetic design options DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR has to offer. Provided that adequate volumes are ordered, we will quote you DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR in any RAL colour on request.


'Colour, daughter of light' – Le Corbusier

To Le Corbusier, one of the fathers of modern architecture, colour was the key to the liveliness of a room. Buildings with a coloured façade convey this principle into the urban space. At the same time, a building may itself become the ambassador of its function – headquarters in corporate colours, or new buildings interacting with old ones.

DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR: proven quality for new ideas


All DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR facing sheets feature our intelligent membrane technology that makes them water-repellent and breathable at the same time: the DELTA® Active Membrane System . 

This technology protects façades like a second skin. The high breathability of the sheets contributes materially towards the regulation of moisture inside the building and enhances the performance of the heat insulation.

Available colours:

Amber orange 
Coral red 
Emerald green 
Topaz blue 
Pearl grey 
Agate white 
Onyx black 

Other colours conditionally on request!


Product brochure

We have compiled for you all relevant information in a detailed brochure: from inspiring ideas and important facts to technical data.

Fassaden Simulator
Fassaden Simulator

Façade simulator

Use our façade simulator as a source of inspiration. Combine your facing with the colour you want and give free rein to your imagination. Experience the diversity of design options and the attractive in-depth effect of DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR.



More and more architects discover DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR for designing innovative coloured façades. If you too are interested, contact our application engineering department at +49 (0)2330 63-578; we will be pleased to assist you.

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