05.08.2020 WE.YOU.HERE

The Ewald Dörken AG in Herdecke has launched an initiative to support the local economy in Corona times on May 8th, 2020.

The company distributed 1,000 Euro to each employee at both DÖRKEN locations. The money is to be spent preferably in Herdecke and Hagen on shopping, services or food orders from local restaurants. The aim is to support local businesses – from florists and hairdressers to favourite Italians and to boost their business as far as the current easings of the shutdown allow it. 
At the same time it is also a way of thanking all employees who have shown commitment to their company during the Corona crisis, even though they have to make some significant cutbacks in their living environment or have to suffer loss of income due to short-working. 

1000 x 1000 Thanks

At the beginning of the second week of May all DÖRKEN employees will discover a net amount of 1,000 Euro on their bank statements. What might look like an accounting error at first sight is in reality a measure to support the local economy in Herdecke and Hagen. And a big and heartfelt thank you from the company to all employees who have shown great solidarity with each other and with their company in these difficult times and who have shown great organisational talent and creativity in dealing with the difficult situation. 

The secret of the unexpected financial blessing was revealed at a very unusual event on May 8th, 2020 in the temporary Hagen drive-in movies on Otto-Ackermann-Platz. Due to the social distancing measures it was not possible to present the campaign under the slogan „WE.YOU.HERE“ at a classic works assembly. DÖRKEN therefore invited as many employees as the site could accomodate under the current conditions to an evening at the movies in their cars; everyone else was able to join in from home and follow the event via livestream.


This way everyone heard about the campaign in a kind of „pre-movie“ which DÖRKEN board Thorsten Koch presented and thereby explained the background from the company’s point of view. „The Corona virus has messed with all of our lives. Both professionally and privately. Markets, people and companies have to deal with problems never experienced before. Our company has also been affected by the crisis and we demanded a lot from our employees. But it is exactly in this exceptional situation that we have experienced: We can rely on our employees. But also on our customers and our shareholders. And that is why we have been extremely lucky – despite all the problems. A very special thank your for that!“


The majority of DÖRKEN’s administrative staff has been working in home office for almost two months and has to handle work and family in a completely new way. The employees in production in Herdecke and Hagen-Vorhalle ensure with distance to each other  but with team spirit that production is still running. Some of them are also working short-time and have to accept significant losses. „We all have had to overcome many unexpected problems in the recent weeks. We have distanced ourselves from each other and yet we have developed a coherence that is exceptionally – even for DÖRKEN standards“, says Thorsten Koch.  


But there are a lot of problems outside our plant. Many small local companies and service providers struggle to survive economically. DÖRKEN did not want to accept that so easily - and not completely unselfishly. After all, a company with over 125 years of tradition at Herdecke site , DÖRKEN is also dependent on its integration into a functioning public welfare and an iviting, diverse and modern living environment for its employees. Thorsten Koch: „We therefore wanted to take our lived solidarity to the outside world and help our local economy in Herdecke and Hagen to get going again. We need a successful restart of trade, small shops and catering. So that cultural diversity as we know and love it, is preserved and enriches our lives in the future.“ In this context the company also thanked the city of Herdecke and the city of Hagen for their support in organizing the campaign.

The major of Herdecke, Katja Strauss-Köster and senior mayor Erik O. Schulz expressed their thanks for the campaign in their respective welcome adresses and on behalf of the local companies and service providers. The Dörkians expressed their approval and joy on site with a honking concert and on the net with many enthusiastic chat contributions. 

In the end it was a great movie evening. It started with a poetry slam from the backstage living room of  the German rapper Norman Sinn, which perfectly captured the atmosphere of Corona times. Afterwards the drive in movie visitors enjoyed the movie „Der Junge muss an die frische Luft“ with popcorn and high spirits. 

WIR IHR HIER Aktion im Autokino


Further information on this press release can be obtained from Thorsten Koch. 

Thorsten Koch CEO T +49 2330 63 222
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Thorsten Koch